Luxembourg has since this week a new government. It is more or less the old: Liberals, social-Democrats and greens to continue their coalition. Xavier Bettel will remain Prime Minister, Pierre Gramegna, Finance Minister, and Jean Asselborn, as the Foreign and the refugee Minister call on the Conscience of the Europeans.

more Surprising is the content of announcements. The blue-and-red-green Alliance, manufacture, sale and consumption of Cannabis wants to legalize for personal use. That would be a first in the EU. Even more attention to the Plan, the use of the entire public transport (PT) in the country, including rail, to make 2020 free for all. There is nowhere else in the world. Instead of cheers, but hear mostly criticism from several sides.

The idea stems from the election programme of the liberals, the social Democrats and especially young Green have been demanding the same thing. The parties see it as a means to improve the air and alleviate the severe traffic problems. Around the capital there are regular devastating traffic jams, not least because of the 190’000 commuters who travel daily from France, Belgium and Germany to Luxembourg. Because the change to Free public TRANSPORT. And that the Luxembourg change is questionable. You love your car and your house in the suburbs or in the country. A profound change must be supported by a change in the spatial planning. And track costs to little; and for two euros you can Luxembourg to pass through.

Ironically, the green Minister of transport is skeptical

Mylène Bianchy, Chairman of the transport Union deneme bonusu Syprolux, speaks of a “poisoned gift”. The idea back a step: “What costs nothing is good for nothing.” In the case of the railway jobs were lost, in addition, the money should be invested from the ticket sales prefer to be in a better public TRANSPORT. Here there are large investment needs. The train is considered late, often trains per day travelling from fall, the network is out of date. The old dream of a country-wide S-Bahn seems to remain a dream. The free traffic, so Bianchy “to endanger the punctuality, comfort and reliability of transportation.” In addition, the free access could lead to more vandalism.

Ironically, the green Minister of transport, François Bausch, is also skeptical. As a social measure, the step is to be welcomed, he says, but politically, it was “populism”.

the government wants to Fund your Plan, mainly with a reduction in the mileage allowance. According to the liberals 30 million euros need to be replaced. A study commissioned by the Ministry of sustainable development, however, has identified twice the sum. As always, it would have to be for Luxembourg, one of the richest States of the EU. The Free of charge model in the world is tried in several cities. In Estonia’s capital of Tallinn the public TRANSPORT is for five years, free of charge, with mixed experiences. Although the use of buses and trams increased, but the number of cars has not decreased yet. In Luxembourg, the European country where people with a distance to the common rail is therefore also called the more of Switzerland as a model. Because the network is so dense and the quality is right. (Editorial Tamedia)

Created: 09.12.2018, 12:00 PM