(Obi.no): Since the beginning of september, the Norwegian fell steadily on the Oslo stock Exchange. 3. september ended the stock on the 273,50 million, while today it has been down in the 195,30 money. At the time of writing traded the stock for 202,70 million, down 2.31 per cent.

Thursday in last week, it became known that the English transported 3.446.854 passengers in september 2018, up nine per cent compared to the year before.

the Yield (revenue per am flying seat kilometre) was on the 38 cent in september, while revenues per available seat kilometre (FAST) was 33 cents. It was down respectively three and four per cent from the same month in the previous year.

– the Current traffic numbers from the Norwegian seems to be below our expectations, beating Ole-Andreas Krohn stuck in a report from DNB Markets. Brokers expected a yield of 41 cents.

High oil prices

Jan Petter Sissener believes there are many factors that have contributed to the decrease in Norwegian, and draws forward the development in oil prices and a lack of hedging as the two factors. He considers it not as positive that it does not come any news about the much-publicized bid on the company.

do Not forget that it came from the 150 million and things have not evolved positively since it, ” says Sissener to the Obi.no.

– There is no laaaaangt forward to Kristoffer Stensruds 500 million, so he will probably be sitting for a while, ” says Sissener.

– Would you recommend buying at the current level?

Only for the extremely risikosøkende. I think any bid will be between 250 and 300 million, but the buyer has a very good time, end Sissener.

May be a Betgram good buy

Analyst Preben Rasch-Olsen at Carnegie believes that a high oil price and a poor yield-the development has burdened English the last time.

In the worst case, can’t the airlines to adjust fuelkostnadene in the short picture, ” says the analyst to the Obi.no.

Rasch-Olsen tells us that he is reviewing their previous price target, but believes that English is a good buy at the current level.

Lets not impress

analysis supervisor Karl Johan Molnes in Norne Securities believes the numbers that showed the income per fled seat kilometre, which was published for a little over a month ago, has contributed to the decrease.

Molnes still waiting on the big flysalget to facilitate the company’s balance sheet, and the memories of that English, so far only has sold a few planes.

– When the yield then in addition fell from september 2017 to september 2018, this is the opposite of what the company needs to pay for the higher fuelpriser. It promises also not good that one of the company’s largest direct competitors, Thomas Cook International, says that the hot summer in Northern Europe also have reduced demand for leisure travel to Asia and America for the winter, ” says Molnes to the Obi.no.

Analysesjefen think IAG want to take over the Norwegian. They are in any case not interested in that another airline will take over.

Then the question becomes how good IAG can be with the English at the to take over a company that probably need to make a new share issue before Q1/19-the numbers presented, tells Molnes.

191 money?

S are among those who have been skeptical of the development of English. According to the company, gave the stock a sell signal when it fell below the support at 230 million. The conclusion was that a further increase to 191 million or lower is signaled.

In Monday’s edition of Finansavisen, we can read that the turnover of the uk subsidiary ended on 84,3 million dollars in the last year. It was a neat growth of 67,7 million dollars from the year before. At the same time increased losses from 2.8 to 15.6 million dollars.

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