the Night of today released strømmetjenesten HBO a mysterious teasertrailer from the long-awaited final season of “Game of Thrones”, which has its premiere in april 2019.

The new trailer is 35 seconds long, and shows none of the familiar characters from the “GoT”universe. Nevertheless, the contents of the clip meaning for those who are familiar with “a song of ice and fire”, which, of course, is the name of the book series by George R. R. Martin that the series is based on.

See the trailer at the top of the case!

Fire and ice meet Revealed the central detail from the last “Game of Thrones”-season

Dagbladet reviewer Marie Kleve, who have read the books and followed the series all the way with, among other recapper of the episodes, have seen the trailer. She believes there is much to gain from this little clip, despite the fact that you actually don’t get to see a single scene from the series.

– Finally we get the big battle between ice and fire! So it remains to see how it really is going to look like, for this the cinematic teaser trailer says not much about it, ” says Kleve, before she continues:

– But I love it, I love all the other symboltunge “Game of Thrones”-teaserne! They’ve learned that the funniest thing with this universe is to look for tracks, and it is a part to find here too, of course.

She points out that “Game of Thrones” is known for a cryptic, but powerful teasertrailere – in the previous round left off the date of sesongpremieren using a video of melting ice.

– Ilddrage against isdrage

This time it is much more dramatic – as it should be Trendbet for the last season, believes Kleve. The video takes up the theme from the title of the book series “A song of ice and fire”, and hint that the final battle will be between just ice and fire.

– But we knew that the everything. Daenerys is on the way to the north together with the fire-breathing dragons, to take up the fight against nattkongen and isdragen his, and the army of ice zombies. So can the trailer mean something more?

It shows how the ice crawls over the game board we know from the intro to the tv series, and covers both the Stark family wolf and the Targaryens dragon. But at the same time devouring the fire the lion of the Lannister family, before the two elements meet to battle.

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the Relationship between the wolf and the dragon on the one side, and the lion on the other it was very tense at the conclusion of last season, and it looks to that a war between these two factions is also, inevitably, mean Kleve.

She recalls that Jon Snow last season swore allegiance to Daenerys, and thus united the Stark and Targaryen their forces against the threat from the north, at the same time as Cersei refused to help.

– truck and Trailer hint that Daenerys and the dragons to her will take down Cersei first, at the same time as Nattkongen attacking her and Jon, and in the end it ilddrage against isdrage.

Stark and Nattkongen?

According to Kleve, it is these interpretations that are the most obvious.

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But dig us deeper in the “Game of Thrones”-the mythology, and especially the one who has grown up in fanforumer on the web, we find other theories which can get the extra guy on fire now. For example, the linking the Stark family to Nattkongen and his gang, ” says Kleve, and adds:

– Some believe that Bran Stark is Nattkongen, while others have guessed that Jon at one time or another show will join him. We’ll see. I look forward, at least!

The eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” premiers in april 2019. The date is currently not known, but it is only a few months of the fans can make themselves ready to say goodbye with the series.

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