the man Is high on the snaps, or he thinks it is actually?

on Saturday morning, floats the answer remains in the mists in the debate after the christmas party, as the Liberal party erhvervsordfører Torsten Schack Pedersen for 12 hours ago participated in.

Here he chose namely, at 20.14 on Friday night to put a tweet out, where he sent a solid suppository in the direction of the criminal aliens that should be placed on the island of Lindholm.

‘Excellent julefrokostmad – certainly far from the upcoming buffet at Lindholm #dkpol.’

Policy – 7. dec. 2018 – at. 19:06 Of the country on the ‘at risk’ e’: – It must be so unbearable for them that they go back home again

the Comment put the immediate fire in the commentary track during the folketingspolitikerens tweet, where also the Danish prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen ended up with to interfere.

he did as an answer to one of the many debaters who would like to know if it is worthy of a Left-man to write such.

‘In my optics do people eat what they want. It is not essential. Cardinal point is whether the people going to Denmark on the basic values: Freedom, permissiveness, equality and civil laws over religious,’ said the little floating answer from Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

Generally kommentarne for the lookup extremely negative, but erhvervsordføreren has got several likes from colleagues. Among others, Celtabet finance minister Kristian Jensen has, according to the commentary track like the ad, but removed his like again.

It has Michael an entrepreneurial environment that is selected for the Left in eastern Jutland, on the contrary, not when his like were still visible on Saturday morning.

the Liberal party former member of parliament Birthe Rønn Hornbech criticizes rather sharply both tweetet and Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s answers.

‘Lars Lokke provides a response, which is like a lukewarm cup of tea. The liberal party president fails utterly to tell the Liberal party voters, that he deplores the kind of platheder, that is even so clearly forhåner religious people.’

‘Can it really be true that the Liberal party slagnummer at the next general election will be to participate in a competition to beat bundrekorden for platheder and stupidity and a demonstration of lack of respect for believers of Danish citizens?’

Both the Extra Leaf and the other media have tried in vain to get the Left-to the politician in the speech. But he does not answer our messages and have Saturday morning reported to cancel an interview, he had promised to TV2 News.

the Danish policy – 5. dec. 2018 – at. 08:30 DF: Give residents Lindholm fodlænke