Confederation of A-box has spent a quarter of a million dollars on empty air – quite literally.

The fired director, Michael Valentin, was namely transferred 250.000 kroner to Johan nielsen came high School in 2016 in order to reserve the premises for a number of events.

– The very first that I talked to about the agreement with the a-box was Michael Valentin, and it was he who was the initiator, says superintendent Bjørn Bredal.

the Arrangements were, however, never materialised, so the premises were empty, inform the school, where the Michael Valentine subsequently joined the board of directors.

– That has not been held an event, but we’ve got those 250 000 crowns, which we have indtægtsført, says Bjørn Bredal.

In the a-box accounting is the quarter of a million put under the ’recruitment and sponsorship’ and posted as rent, according to a confidential document in sagskomplekset relating to Michael Valentine’s firing.

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the School and the a-box reached an agreement on a series of events at the school, and the amount can be clearly seen in the school’s financial statements, where the lokaleposten suddenly shot in the air.

With the a-box agreement in 2016, was the income from the rent more than doubled to 673.480 crowns. The money from a box dropped in a dry place, as the school had a deficit of almost 200.000 crowns the year.

In 2017, there went the profits from the rent down again and lay on the 387.450 crowns.

the School believes, however, that they were allowed to work for money, even though there was no events.

– We spent much energy on the agreement, the chamber was all the time blocked, so we couldn’t use it, and at the same time, we talked all Mavibet the time with new people, says Bjørn Bredal.

the Download can be a ’smoking gun’ in case against Michael Valentin, because it was not approved by the board of directors.

’in Addition, it is highly worrying that Michael Valentin has subsequently been a board member of nielsen came high School.’ sounds in a confidential internal document from a fund in connection with the dismissal of Michael Valentin.

Michael Valentin has difficulty to explain why the events at the school never came to anything.

– Which was pushed back several times, when it came to anything, but it hit a period where we were asked by the professional organisations to put out whining a little, he says.

– It is, as yesterday was a really good idea, looks different in the day, when its director for life, tells Michael Valentin.

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Would hide the dual role on the Planet

the Association behind the bornholm public meeting enjoyed by Michael Valentine’s largess.

It is apparent from internal documents and emails from the Academic A-box.

Since the 2015 has a fund sponsored the Planet with an amount of about 200,000 crowns. The sponsorship is worrying for several reasons, according to an internal document in the case.

Michael Valentin was in the 2016 president of the association behind the Planet. Thus, he took suddenly a dual role. But he decided with eyes open to continue the flow of money from the unemployment fund to the Planet.

’the starting point of 200,000’, he ordered his secretary in an email from september 2016, which Berlingske has come in possession of.

In another mail to the Index he admits, indeed, that he is incompetent. Therefore, a box engagement tones down the action ’in order not to compromise my person in the spotlight for disqualification,’ he writes in the email, which was also sent to the president of the a-box board of directors, Allan Luplau.

Moreover, the source of internal concern to a cashier and employees have apparently been used to work for the Planet.

Michael Valentin rejects, however, the accusations.

– there Are some of the a-box employees, who have spent time at the public meeting work?

– Not me, you know, he says.

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