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Last time I tried me to explain young people’s conditions for a cultural journalist, I was really young myself. Type 20-something. Now I type 20-something, but nearly thirty. There is a difference. But many are the same. Then there was Linda Skugge that announced to the world that the kids nowadays are far too optimistic – and that, after listening to the insanely successful systerduon First Aid Kits song My silver lining.

Where, in the midst of the melancholic corporate country music, she had found the joys of life that permeated all of us young. Imagine! I was in shock. I should also have done a cover on Youtube and håvat in the bucks! But even that tactic was to hell, you understood soon. We young people should stand on the barricades and actually contribute with something revolutionary. As in the 60’s! But we did not, instead plinkade we stålsträngat and went nedcabbat to our asstora label. Shame! And that Nakitbahis man was ashamed, and bowed himself before the next blow, for it never went many seconds before I got a taste of the ladle again.

Skugge was far from alone with their high-flying fantasies. The host Jenny Strömstedt , for example, got into a great hit in a popular column in Expressen, where she angrily said that the 90-talisterna expected to float through life like elevated a few centimeters above the ground. We would never, could read, be able to be really talented cross-country skier. Ouch …

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So set it with hundhuvudet again and wondered if it really was true: it was because I never approached the Vasaloppet? Therefore, I closed my highly mediocre football career? Is it even important? The answer from the adult world was disappointing, at Least two times per day dusted media houses of the angle of the curlade entreprenörsgenerationen with Blondinbella as unsurpassed high priestess.