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Two explosions at two different addresses have occurred in the south of Malmö in the morning – with only three miles between them.

A teenager was taken to hospital and treated for life-threatening injuries.

He is suspected of involvement in the explosion.

Two explosions occurred on Sunday morning in the south of Malmö.

Multiple calls came in to SOS Alarm 04.31 on a high stone in the area of Söderkulla. A short while later, 04.53, came the alarm about another explosion, this time in the Kroksbäck a couple of kilometres away.

– We are on site and awaiting bombskyddet, ” says Marie Keismar, the police officer in charge, early in the morning.

Teen seriously injured

At first the explosion was found a young man seriously injured in a stairwell.

– When the police arrived, one can conclude that there has been an explosion in the stairwell of the apartment building, ” says Betvole Anna Göransson, presstalesperson at the police South region.

– There occurs also a damaged man who is brought by ambulance to the hospital.

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According to Region Skåne cared he for the life-threatening injuries.

the Explosions are being investigated as allmänfarlig desolation, and the police do not rule out a connection between the nuclear explosions generated.

here are two explosions that occur in a similar manner within a short period of time and within a close geographical area. So it is an important part of continuing investigations if there is a connection, but it is too early to say yet, ” says Anna Göransson.

the 18-year-old suspect

The injured 18-year-old is himself suspected of involvement in the explosion.

– He is set up as a suspect, ” says presstalesperson Fredrik Bratt.

– A part of the investigation is to find out who lives where and if there is any threat.

the Police have blocked off the places where the explosions occurred, and technicians working on the site. Among other things, sought through a red car that police believe that 18-year-old came in.

No one was injured physically in the second explosion.