MejlaJack Hilden+ FÖLJÅSIKTStadens contours is even sharper after the SVT’s serieJack Hilden on the a town where the place is only available for the betalarFoto: SVTDet homeless couple, Daniel and Bos in SVT:s documentary series ”36 days on the street”. CULTURE

Everyone wants to a center, but it will be more crowded and more expensive the closer you get.

This is a kulturartikel , which is a part of Aftonbladet’s opinionsjournalistik.

A slight feeling of panic may come over me in Stockholm’s most central parts. Perhaps one should put the emphasis on just feeling. It’s not like I’m exposed to anything.

However, stålsätter I me, set me on that from now on are no free, here I watched, here the idea is that the bodies are to move without stopping, if they are to go into somewhere it should be in a store to buy things. Alternatively, pop in to Burger King or some other generic chain, where people who can not consume it still is released.

Things cost. To pee costs. I am so set on that everything has a price, that I started to react with a kind of shame when the opposite prevails. All of the museum who just stands there with open doors, whose intention is to learn something about the history and hopefully the present and perhaps, by extension, ourselves. Oh well, so it is … just to go in?

the Libraries in deep plåttunnor to weed out books for a dime or retain them despite the fact that they have not Pashacasino borrowed in twenty years. Okay, so you mean … I can take it with me here? Leave the back a little when it suits?

Or when I, as a season ticket holder misses one of AIK’s games, and has the choice to forward the ticket to someone else who wants it. I do not care to this most is a way to get the audience to the stadium, where a beer and a sausage lands on the about then a hundred. That the choice exists fills me with an unbearable feeling that someone in spite of everything want to a well.

It is easier to accept that the city is a cynical machinery that do not want you, just your money. My workplace happens to be located roughly at the country’s most central place, oh well, sorry note sorry for my stockholmscentrerade perspective.

It is a place that received even sharper contours after seeing the SVT’s 36 days on the street, a documentary series that shows what everyone already knows – the capital’s core is full of luxury boutiques as well as the homeless, drug dealers and drug addicts that no one wants to see or know of. The scratches out though, I, despite the fact that the city closes on you like a carnivorous plant. First in the outskirts, I can breathe.

Benches are built so that they will not be inviting to sit for a long time, certainly not sleep on, the one that makes it will be soon pushed away by someone with the yellow or maybe gray uniform who are just doing their job and the say app app, not here, I don’t know where but just not here!

I expect cold with the fewer and fewer things will be free or even cheap, and that’s lucky, because then I as a consumer be able to console myself with the mantra, ”I do, at least, right for me”.

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