The favorite for the succession of John Kelly as chief of staff in the White house, Nick Ayers, President Donald Trump in a basket. Ayers announced on Sunday on Twitter that he will leave the White house and suggested a move to his native Georgia.

He wanted to continue to work for the Trump-election campaign, told Ayers on Twitter. The ideal candidate Ayers wanted to commit to Trump the Office of the President, for two years, what is the 36-Year-old did not for family reasons but can predict.

The former chief of staff to Vice-President Mike Pence had been thought to be the most promising candidate for Kelly’s successor. He has good contacts to Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner, both of which are influential presidential Advisor. The 68-year-old Kelly will be retiring at the end of the year, as Trump on Saturday.

According to two with the development of familiar people are now Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, and the arch-conservative current Republican representative Mark Meadows in the conversation. Trump will decide on the successor to John Kelly, until the end of the year.

The former Marine General Kelly and Trump were caught in the past few months, repeated each other. Before Kelly Reince Priebus had to leave the Post after only six months in office. (chk/sda)

Created: 10.12.2018, 01:52 PM