What do men like in a woman? We’re not talking about character or the ability to laugh at his jokes. There is always something that can win him over, but you may not know it yet.

Role-playing costumes

Flight attendants, nurses, police officers, military uniforms, school uniforms… these are all common role models. But for most men, they’re still just a fantasy. After all, loved ones don’t always fly planes or work in clinics. Consequently, the dream remains a dream. However, role-playing and role-playing lingerie to help you out.

When a woman falls asleep on a man’s shoulder

A woman falling asleep with her head resting on a man’s shoulder is one of the most “eloquent” love positions. Patriarchal moment of romantic harmony: women are weak, men are strong. She is literally leaning on his shoulder. This lets the man know that the woman trusts him and treats him well. Of course, this causes euphoria.

A small belly

What men think of women’s small bellies: it’s not a problem. Men are looking for a normal “live” girl, not an iron beauty. Plus, a small female belly somewhat balances the odds. In fact, there aren’t many men with a perfect figure.

When a man pushes a woman up against a wall

It’s an echo of primitive times, when the strong preyed on the weak. Well, caught his “prey” and enjoys it. It is the epitome of strength and passion. The same thing happens when a man grabs a woman by the hair during intimacy.


When women don’t wear bras

First of all, it speaks of a certain boldness of the lady. And men like “desperate.” It also leads to very interesting male fantasies. After all, as he sits across from the girl at the table, he realizes: there is nothing under that thin cashmere.

When a man holds a woman in his arms

First of all, he is flattered that he can carry a woman. Secondly, it’s a prince and princess tale familiar to even the most brutal of men. Third: It means that women are in the hands of men. How not to get turned on here?

Women’s fragrance

It has been scientifically proven that humans, like animals, are guided by their “sense of smell” when looking for a partner. Especially men: most of them are fragrance lovers. In addition, they appreciate both pleasant perfumes and “native” fragrances of a woman’s body. 


When a man strokes a woman’s hair

This is where two things happen at the same time. The first is that when a man touches a woman’s hair, he wants to express his respectful attitude. It is an expression of tenderness. The second thing is that when a man strokes a woman’s hair, he is showing that she belongs to him. After all, you are less likely to let a strange man touch your hair.

Some men smell their women’s hair. This is especially important, even if he doesn’t realize it himself. Somehow these smells and pheromones affect his subconscious and cause an attraction to a certain woman. 

Naked shoulders of women

Spotted during all the intimate scenes in movies: the first thing a man throws off a lady’s shoulders is her dress straps. A woman’s naked shoulder is a symbol of defenselessness. Their appearance mesmerizes, inspires awe, and arouses intimate interest. A woman with bare shoulders immediately wants to be hugged and taken to the bedroom.