Romania had until Sunday’s showdown against the Netherlands has been one of EM-the tournament’s best team.

The Dutch håndboldkvinder won, however, 29-24 over Romania in the inter-topkamp in mellemrundens group 2.

With the victory is the Netherlands the only unbeaten team at the european championships and at the same time extremely close to a place in the semifinals.

It was even without the Dutch bagspiller Nycke Groot in the majority of the match

Groot was injured and withdrew at the beginning of the fight and did not come back on the track again.

In an unfortunate clash got Groot a knee in the neck of teammate Debbie Bont, which was pressed by a Romanian player.

It was on the paper a big weakening of the Dutch team. Groot had already scored two goals on two attempts and brought the Netherlands in front 3-0.

But Groot only managed to play in the first a little over seven minutes, before she came forth.

According to TV2, which was in contact with the Dutch, Groot sustained a concussion and must be scanned and examined before the next european championship match.

however, It should prove that the other Dutch people did the challenge, and especially Estavana Polman took a big responsibility with many important scores.

Romania fought to begin with back in the match and levelled the game to 3-3 and later came in front 7-6.

Cristina Neagu, there is the situation of romanians biggest star, had not his best day Mariobet and burned many chances

It was, that the Netherlands could put itself in front of 11-10 before the interval.

In the second half of the match was the Netherlands with full in angrebsspillet, while the romanians seemed strange discouraged and perplexed.

the Netherlands turned up the pace in the weather and getting ahead 21-13. It succeeded in Romania to reduce, but the team never came close to the points.

Earlier on Sunday met Hungary and Germany in the same group in the mellemrunden. Here won Hungary 26-25.

the Results means that the Netherlands leads mellemrundens group 2 with six points, while Romania, Germany and Hungary have four points on respectively the second-, third -, and fourth place in the group.

the Netherlands and Romania have to play two matches more in mellemrunden, while Germany and Hungary only has a single fight back.

Hungary will meet Romania, while Germany is missing the showdown against the Netherlands.

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