A silent, haunting chamber game, the developed the strength of a society, portraits: this year’s award of the Tagesspiegel readers ‘ jury for best Film in the Forum goes to “Monsters.” by Marius Olteanu from Romania. After several years in which documentary films have been awarded wins for the first time a game movie.

The directorial debut of 1979 in Bucharest-born author and Director orbits in three acts, a Couple whose marriage threatens to break. In the first part of Dana (Judith State) returns from a business trip and spends the night in a Taxi, instead of in the common apartment to return to. The second part follows Andrei (Christian Popa), arranged in the same time on a Dating site with a man; in the third act, the two meet in her apartment together. The way Olteanu portrays the society, calls the Motto of the 69. Berlinale to memory, “The Private is the Political”.

Three productions made it into the final selection

The nine readers, jurors, and judges to justify their decision on the fact that the film’s Director, “pointing to the complexity of a relationship”, “is exposed by a normative society a lot of pressure. Dana and Andrei, contrary to the self-determined. With at the same time strong and delicate pictures, we come close to you, as the Spectator’s emotional“.

At the award ceremony of the independent juries at the Saturday lunch main actress Judith State and the producers, Claudiu Mitcu, and Carla Fotea accepted the award, she had returned, therefore, especially in the short term, from Bucharest. Readers prizes the audience prizes: The three were the chances of finding in addition to the Romanian film, international lenders, and improve that with the award. Oleanu, who shot four short films, could not, unfortunately, come again to Berlin.

The Jury, in turn, regretted that the nine-day movie Marathon with 31 world premieres, the forum is now over. In the selection of the members went differently to work. Some of the “sorted” the movies according to categories and awards then star, others relied on their gut feeling. In particular, it was discussed and argued that the quality criteria were always. One finds it remarkable that when attention is generated by technology, other would like to go with a positive feeling out of the cinema, others again pay particular attention to the interweaving of the narrative strands, or on the music. Three productions made it into the final selection, to Olteanu as the winner.

Full Details and metaphors

“Monsters.” clubs Much, emphasizes Daniela judge: a love story, the theme of everyday life in Romania, the gender issue, two great performers and lots of great pictures. The voltage would be kept the whole time, Daniela Ishorst, even if, at first glance, not much on the canvas is done. Novel Clawien estimates the Venture, the “Monsters.” is received. The Drama stuck full of Details and metaphors, each viewer could discover something else, that is the Jury sure.

“Monsters.” will be shown at other Festivals, in Romania, the Film comes out in August in the cinemas. Perhaps a German distributor is interested soon, last but not least, thanks to the award of the Tagesspiegel readers ‘ jury.


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“Monsters” in the Berlinale Forum, The end of a marriage

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screening of the winning film in the presence of the main actress, the producers and the readers of the jury: 17.2., 19: 30 (Cinemaxx 4)