Llodio is a town alavesa of 18,000 inhabitants, where there are held bullfights from 2016. 37 years ago, was created the Club Taurino Mazzantini, which currently has 320 members and has been the responsible of the organization of the three calves in the local fair of San Roque in two stages different time. Today, when politics has managed to suppress the bulls, the hobby is still intact thanks to the initiative and tenacity of a group of stalwarts that works for you not to lose definitely the happy memories of the ‘poison’ of bullfighting.

The severe earthquake suffered by the city of murcia in Lorca on may 11, 2011, caused widespread damage in the plaza de toros, private property, and ended up with the festivities in the town. In the middle of last year, the Council bought the house for 1.3 million euros, and a few days ago has just announced the regional Government that will invest 1.7 million euros on his rehabilitation in order to turn it into a multipurpose building that will house a museum, care facilities, and the public and accommodation and food services, and where will be held cultural events, sports, music, and, of course, bullfighting. The Club Taurino of Lorca, born in 1996 and revived in 2015 by a group of young fans, and today integrates to 450 members, is one of the leaders of the plaza back to life again. Tireless and praiseworthy has been his work to the authorities for the rehabilitation of a landmark building is today a hopeful reality.

Six thousand are inhabitants of Tarazona de la Mancha (Albacete) and 470 members of his peña taurine. They are the soul of the two bullfights that are held in fair, that coming with the mood of the clouds after days annual cultural -that are considered among the most important held in Spain – and the visits to the farms considered toristas.

Llodio, Lorca and Tarazona de la Mancha there are more than three buttons displays thousands of rocks, and clubs bullfighting, with more or less fortune, they work in Spain. But they are all, without doubt, that, in truth, kept alive the flame of the hobby. Perhaps, his anonymous work is unknown to most, but these groups of fans are the heart and soul committed to the party.

“Perhaps you have seen something that the bulls have come into the Culture?”

Meanwhile, the sector taurine -entrepreneurs, farmers, agents, and the majority of the bullfighters – dozing the winter sleep, away from the bull and the plaza, a counting the gains of a year unsatisfactory -sure – in the box office, and others pondering their bad luck for the celebrations which aroused interest in the public, runs that they had to sell at a bargain price, the agenda paper faded in the fruitless searching of posters dream and a bank account empty of funds after a season in white, but suffered in body and soul and with the heart stopping before a few bulls astifinas defenses and aviesas intentions in squares of third…

While some in the bullfighting arena lie with reason, and other rumian by obligation, the lights of the party, and some bullfighters travel to America to make a campaign that has lost all the charm and prestige of old, many fans develop a tireless work for the bullfighting remains an illusion full of hope.

Felix Rodriguez, president of the Club Taurino de Llodio, tells with pride how the local club was born in 1981 with the objective of managing, Tipobet with the economic collaboration of the city Council, the three calves fair to the repeated failure of the entrepreneurs in the bullfighting arena. So they did until 1995, when the consistory in turn, they raised a range unacceptable: from then on, the profit would be for the city Council, and the losses for the club.

The right-hander Ivan Fandino, to the right, and the journalist Alvaro Suso, in the cultural week of the Club Taurino de Llodio.

But the munícipes call back to the doors of the club in 2008 for the same reason (the container business) and goal (revitalize the celebrations). And the experience lasted until 2012. The authority, averse to the maintenance of the festivities, demanded that the club became a company, and there ended the commitment of the fans.

it was the ruling party, no celebrations, but follows the club. Organized every year a cultural week, a contest of stories in the bullfighting arena, a concert pasodobles and excursions where there are farms and runs. And the members pay 10 euros a year…

Twenty euros to pay the greater of 30 years in the Club Taurino of Lorca; fifteen children of that age and free the rest. Your president, John, Colonel, is the front of a young board, bursting with enthusiasm. Ensures that there has been a resurgence in the hobby thanks to the activities organized and in the wake of the right-handed local Pepín Jiménez, retired, and Paco Ureña. Precisely, the past-day 2 held a gala in which they delivered the gold medal of the club to Jimenez, and trophies Octavio Chacón, novilleros Adrien Salenc and Jorge Martínez (without horses) and the livestock Port of San Lorenzo as the most outstanding of the season. And all provided by that deadlines are met, and the plaza de toros, Lorca open its doors again in the spring of 2020.

“The fans are very quiet and it is conformist, too”

Isidoro Ruiz, president of the peña taurine in Tarazona, does not have these problems, but their activism bullfighting makes you live with passion your militancy. “We have never participated in the management of the celebrations,” he says, “and we would like to be asked for opinion; just call us to use us, when the posters are already made, and say, ‘yes, bwana’.


The bulls of the Conde de la Maza know the glory when they are dead, Diego Urdiales already have bulls to San Isidro, and no one has spoken of hype Octavio Chacon, a long, sustained, and victorious love story to the bull

In his opinion, the moment that crosses the fiesta of the bulls is “terrible because of the own sector”. “Have you noticed something, he wonders, that the bullfighting has passed the Ministry of the Interior to Culture?” “What has weighed on the price of tickets the lowering of the VAT?”. Create Isidoro Ruiz that the party will have a future if the Administration and professionals to “listen with more attention to the fans and establishing a college of presidents that dignifies the development of the celebrations”.

“Is complicated the party,” says Felix Rodriguez, “but we think that has a future.” In his opinion, the figures should accept a reduction in their earnings which lowers the price of the tickets; at the same time, considers it essential that performs a restructuring of the celebrations are smaller, so that reduce the cost of novilladas without horses.

Juan Coronel, for his part, believes that, “it is necessary a greater commitment on the part of everyone to provide posters, of truth, of interest to the amateur.” “There are that require the toreros deal all kind of farms,” he insists; “the entrepreneur, innovation, and a greater commitment to the fans”.

“The fans are very quiet and it is conformist, in excess; if it avoids squares in place of vindicate their rights and the only injured is the bullfighting”, he concludes.

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