In a crackdown against the illegal trade in dangerous fireworks, customs officials have taken a number of people. 53 apartments and explosives storage exclusively in Germany, said the Prosecutor’s office in Cologne on Friday that, together with the customs criminal office in Cologne was the lead on the action.

74 packages with dangerous firecrackers on the way to buyers have been ensured in the case of parcel service providers. The content is life “absolutely dangerous,” said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. “The buyers don’t even know what you’re sitting on.”

the search action on Wednesday and Thursday, the customs investigation offices in Berlin-Brandenburg, Dresden, Essen, Frankfurt/Main, Hannover, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart were involved. In Parallel, there were actions in the Netherlands Supertotobet and Poland. In Europe, 57 people were arrested, all end-users.

the starting point should be an online shop for pyrotechnics in Poland, the sales of fireworks without the necessary permission. In the RAID, around 500 customs officers were involved.

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Laura Hofmann

In Bad Berleburg (North Rhine-Westphalia) had been evacuated seven multi-family houses, because in an object of dangerous explosives was found, which could not be removed. He was blown up on the spot. Overall, Germany were secured far over 27 000 fireworks with 315 kilograms of explosives mass. They fell partly in the highest risk classes of the explosives act, as the public Prosecutor’s office announced. In some of the objects and also engraving, and firearms and drugs were seized. (dpa)