the Number of deaths with the corona virus in Denmark has increased by one to 563, and at the same time, the lowest number of new daily smittetilfælde since the middle of march.

this was stated by The Statens Serum Institut.

There are registered 27 new cases with coronavirus in Monday’s statement. This is the lowest number of daily new cases since 14. march.

The low figure must be seen in light of the fact that there are tested far more now than in the beginning of the epidemic. From this week all adults get a test, even if they do not have symptoms of the coronavirus.

at the same time, the number of admissions with coronasmittede increased by one from Sunday to Monday. A total of 116 hospitalized in the country’s hospitals.

the Number of patients in intensive care and respirator are both decreased by a single to, respectively, 20 and 16.

in recent weeks, there has been increase in the number of admissions, in Monday’s number, which is linked to the printed fewer patients in the weekend.

As the calculations are made at eight o’clock in the morning, says the most about the day before.

A decrease in admissions on Monday will therefore be reflected in the update on Tuesday.

the Number of admissions overall has been declining since the beginning of april and is currently at its lowest level since 17. march.

There are big regional differences in how many are infected and hospitalized with coronavirus.

the Vast majority of patients are admitted to the hospitals in Region Zealand and the Capital Region.

in turn has, for example, the Region of southern denmark in recent days do not delete any patients hospitalized in intensive care.

Overall, Denmark has registered 11.387 smittetilfælde with coronaviruses.

The Danish health authorities do not operate with a number of raskmeldte.

instead used the name over the infection, if you are not in the hospital or dead after 14 days from the positive test.

There are a total of 9964 in the group, and thus are only 1423 persons, according to the authorities ‘ inventory of the infected at the moment.