He was like the last beer before curfew. As the last Tram to the Terminus. 5 before 12, three days before the last race of the year, Dominique Aegerter wrote a contract for next season.

In August, he had rejected a lucrative offer from Holland, and because, also, his former team was no longer able to afford it, he thought, the Worst. But then, under the Italian team presented to him, Racing Forward a contract for over a year. Aegerter signed, without losing more time.

“I’m very relieved,” says the 28-year-old Bernese – but that his contract was easy to fall, he wants to know nothing: “He is the result of weeks of hard work from me, my brother Kevin and my sponsors.” The Moto2 riders had actively sought a job for the season in 2019. He often knocked at long-closed doors: the most positions in The field are to be awarded in September.

He was examining the options

The hope, he never lost her Aegerter now, and he has explored the Alternatives: Superbike, Supersport or Moto E, a new test class for E-Bikes, in 2019, the Zurich-based rider Jesko Raffin will ride with you. Shown nothing for Aegerter, however. And anyway, he says: “The Moto2 was and always remained my first goal.” This category corresponds to his skills and his physique the most. After his year in the MotoGP Tom Luthi will return in the second highest class of the world championship.

Change for Aegerter much. With Triumph (instead of Honda), the Moto2 machines with modern, more powerful engines with much more displacement, and also the Chassis is new for the Swiss: From KTM, he saddles on MV-Augusta. The traditional Italian brand dares after 40 years of a new beginning in the world Cup. The Mobilbahis legendary Giacomo Agostini, expected to forever record world champion with 15 titles, had triumphed from 1966 to 1973, with a MV Augusta 13 times. In 1976, the company from Varese took on all the world Cup activities.

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Only a few days after its signature under the Treaty of Forward Racing Aegerter as all other drivers tested the new motorcycle for the first time. He was impressed, not least from the sound of the engine. “Sexy beast,” he says on Instagram. Before on 10. March in Qatar, the new season starts, at least six days of testing, where it goes for Aegerter, “to the motorcycle as far as possible, to develop.” He suspects: “It will be much to do.” In the medium term, he aims to re-world Championships-5th place in 2013 and 2014 – his best years in the world Cup.

First of all, all the Teams are the three world championship classes ban, but filled with a test until the end of January. Dominique Aegerter is using the free time to search for a Manager, “this is a priority,” he says, his longtime Mentor Robert Siegrist leaped from the middle of the year.

The freestyle is Saturday and Aegerter: In Huttwil, BE, he celebrates his traditional season completion celebration with all the Fans and sponsors. On the Campus of prospects he expects up to 2000 visitors. (Tages-Anzeiger.ch/Newsnet)

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