The popular Swedish tv-profile Ola-Conny Wallgren (54) had actually decided to take a long break from love. Earlier in the fall, he could, however, reveal that the break was over. In a Swedish realityprogram he emerged namely up with the 37-year-old Camilla, with which he could disclose that was his girlfriend.

His new date told then that the couple met while she was on a journey through the country. Wallgren, used a pictorial expression to describe how he fell for the 17-year-younger woman:

Was “terrified” girls. Now he has found love again

– the Sparkle was burning well, you can say, ” he says.

Now the couple decided to take the relationship further to the next step. Thursday could namely realityprofilen, which, incidentally, is to see in the “71 degrees north, Norway’s toughest celebrity” in the new year, reveal that he has engaged himself.

amazing girl

It is Expressen, which first reviews the news. Wallgren and Camilla got engaged recently, and have no plans to let it be with it. He wants namely to marry the 17 year younger fiance after each.

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They met each other for the first time about a year ago, and came accidentally in to talk. Wallgren has said that he was careful around her, because you “never know who you encounter”. They decided, however, to keep in touch, and after each dared he to ask her to dinner. It was the start of what now then is an engagement.

Proposal took place at a country house in Skåne after a lot of if and but, if we are to believe the TV profile itself.

– We had talked about it both two. But she expected that I would ask. She had said that if I’m not asked the question, she had done it himself eventually, grinning, he faced the newspaper.

POPULAR: the Fans swarm around the Ola-Conny Wallgren and Morgan Karlsson when we met the norgesaktuelle humorduoen in frogner park. Video: Lars Eivind Bones/Marianne C. Huseby/DBTV Show more Show more

54-year-old is not coy when he talks about how wonderful everything is now after the proposal.

– She is a fantastic girl from Dalarna. A place one must start. If you like each other, will one prove that they belong together. One Mariobet must give life a chance, ” explains realityprofilen.

though the 54-year-old in the period before the relationship was in a “break from love”, it has gone fast in the turns after he got the eyes up for his girlfriend. In fact, it may be that a marriage is not far in the future either.

– Build you a house, expect that there will be a roof over it, too. It had been strange if it should not be like that, when one takes the first step, ” he explains.

“Ullared”profile about the loneliness after the divorce: – Pain in the soul – Terrified girls

Kjærestenyheten comes a just over a year after that Wallgrenerklærte that he was “terrified of girls”. TV-the profile previous relationship ended, namely, in the right, as a result of a very bitter breach.

– There was a hell, and now I dare not date someone. I’m afraid to bind me, he explained to the Swedish Hänt the time.

Also when Dagbladet spoke with him in april, he tried to think the least possible of love and romance.

Ended in court

– Each time it cuts out with a woman, it often happens something else at the same time. This time it was mom sick at the same time as it was eventually with her boyfriend, and I went on a proper bang. I went straight into the wall, simply.

the Case continues below.

“Ullared”-star gets nasty comments about the appearance: – More to say that I do not look good

– It has been a bit too much control in the past. Fortunately, I am able always to get me up off the dirt. It comes to think positive, and look forward, stated he over the phone from Sweden.

In many ways felt Wallgren that he relived the time when the marriage with the mother of his three children went in the resolution. The time went father away, after a long period of cancer, in the middle of the skilsmisseprosessen.

One is never prepared for something like that, it hits you right in the face, said Wallgren.

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Accidentally in love life despite the fact, Wallgren is not of the type that gives up.

ever since the Swedish Channel 5 began to follow the place he has been employed for a number of years, the giant lavprishuset Gekås Ullared, interest in the joviale trebarnsfaren from Tvååker been great. Also among the opposite sex.

the Newspaper has several times written about how Wallgren get frierbrev in the mailbox, or being approached by women, also Norwegian, in other ways – who want to become better acquainted with the popular tv profile.

So was it continued when the Newspaper talked with him before the summer, should we believe the 54-year-old.

It’s mostly just pleasant inquiries. Actually, it is also a kind of confirmation that I still look fairly good, or, did he.

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