Even for its own time was Marie Antoinette, a greedy and kontrovesiel queen. Her understanding of the world that surrounded her, was inversely proportional to her desire for jewelry and luxury.

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In 1791 she spent a whole evening – while the maids waited – on to package a portion of its priceless jewels down. They had to because of the approaching revolution are sent to Brussels, where also she and the king had plans to flee to.

The amazing jewels reached its destination. It did the queen, as you know, not.

Three months later was the royal family taken prisoner and put in a strictly guarded prison. The leading figures behind the French revolution, took no chances. And in fact, it was only a daughter – the teenage princess, Marie-Therese, who once again came out alive.

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But smykkesamlingen lived on, and Daniela Mascetti, head of the department of jewellery at sotheby’s Europe, indicating in the New York Post that the nine parts of the mind-boggling precious jewelery collection, Marie Antoinette was sent, now under the hammer at a historic auction at Sothesby’s.

According to Mascetti it’s actually amazing so many of the queen’s stunning jewelry, that have ‘survived’. And the nine who put up for auction and that right now is touring to be shown up to moneyed buyers – is jewelry with very large stones – mostly beads.

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the Jewellery is put up for sale under the title of ‘Royal jewels from the Bourbon-Parma family, and here is talk about jewelry that consists of more than 100 stones or baubles, as some like to call them, writes The Post.

the sarışın porno auction Itself will take place in Geneva (d. 14. november, And it becomes a point of attraction, where the prices can go very high.

Queen Marie Antoinette was beheaded in 1793, and subsequently got the 17-year-old daughter be allowed to travel to Vienna and stay with his cousin the Emperor Fransis II.

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The sheer joy of getting his young cousin out of France alive, he gave her his mother’s valuable jewellery, which he at the had gotten a hold of and pass on.

All of these priceless diamonds and pearls, was then first in the Marie-Thereses and since in the rest of the family for centuries. Marie-Therese fit like a responsible daughter, good on the legacy of his mother, and the same did the family afterwards.

Diamonds were much more rare than they are today. In fact, it was only the ruling families, who could afford them, says Mascetti – and adds, that even these families only could afford the impressive jewelry, if they took the stones out of the old jewelry and put in new mounts.

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in Spite of the volatile conditions of the old royal families, are the jewelry in a large extent, been in the family, and many of the jewelry still look like the Marie Antoinettes time.

To experience this jewelery collection, is something you only get an opportunity once in a lifetime, says Mascatti.

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