Evening magazine video illustrates, where a woman’s G-spot is.Watch this video, how to find a woman’s G-spot and how it can touch. Sources: Sinful.en, Berry Kihlström: the Big O – a travel guide to the top (Microcosm 2018).

the 26-year-old woman tested Sinfulin sold by Find the Spot-pack of G-spot vibrators night magazine for this thing. He estimated that the sex toys is generally the help of G-spot touching in.

– Me, who has very short fingers, the G-spot of looking for work are definitely the best tools. Complete relaxation and perseverance to get going in the end to roll. Point find, he says.

Better for him fits 20 inch long vibrator, the diameter of which is 3.8 cents as the smaller 12 inches long and in diameter by 2.6 inches wide vibrator.


– to Me better suited for the bigger vibrator, with a round egg-shaped ball. First a little surprised, and I wasn’t sure what to do. After I said, at least not the traditional even-back-movement. The vibrator was also the color of possibility, but it felt mostly uncomfortable.

Mihai Stefan / Unsplash

Experiments have taught him to keep the sex toys.

I used to think that all the extra roippeen that the bedroom will only take to you. In retrospect I got into sex toys with the help of spheres with your fingers or your imagination are not able to.

in the Future, she plans to use sex toys also a partner.

– When one day I am no longer single, I’m definitely having a vibrator carnal interludes also with my partner.

the Source also Sinful.dk