It is no easy matter to be the mother of two of the world’s most famous people. Carole Middletons (63) two daughters, Catherine (36) and Pippa (35), in approximately a decade, provided for countless headlines in the press. The one is married to the british arveprinsen, while the other stole the show in førstnevntes wedding.

Hertuginnemoren have followed the daughters all the way, at the same time that she has had enough to keep in even. 63-year-old are in fact behind the company Party Pieces, a company that over the internet selling everything one could need for a proper party. It is also the occasion of the world-famous company, which has customers around all over the place, that she for the first time have allowed himself to be interviewed.

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STARDOM: It has been written a lot about Carole Middleton (t.v) up through the years. Here she is photographed at the wedding of prince William and duchess Kate in 2011, together with queen Elizabeth II and duchess Camilla. Photo: AP Photo/Martin Meissner, NTB scanpix Show more

Journalists have of course been interested in hearing Carole Middletons history. About how everything has affected the family, and about the relationship she has to her daughters today. Because her own company, now age 30 years, the 63-year-old lined up for a very rare chat with the newspaper The Telegraph.

Even if the interview largely concerns itself about her as a business woman, we even get served exclusive details about how she is both a mother and a grandmother.

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COMEBACK: Kate Middleton came along with brudepikene to prinsebryllupet in England. Video: AP / Per Ervland/Dagbladet Show more Stopped to read

In the course of the years, it has proven to be smart to stay close, ” she says in her first interview ever.

When Catherine Middleton, now known as duchess Kate, first met her future husband – prince William – totalforandret the lives of everyone in the family. The two got engaged in 2010 and married in 2011. When they had known each other for ten years, and the wedding marked the ten years with the Middleton family in uk and international newspapers.

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IN the SPOTLIGHT: Both Michael and Carole Middleton have known the pressures of being the parents of duchess Kate and Pippa. Here they are photographed in 2010, when they came with a statement regarding the engagement between prince William and their daughter Catherine. Photo: NTB scanpix Show more

63-year-old tried to keep up with all the articles that came out, but stopped to read the cases for themselves and their children.

I thought that it was better to know what people thought, but it changes nothing. I don’t know how I’m being perceived now. But the thing is that it is pretty normal here – mostly, ” she says.

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It has in fact been written much about prince Williams in-laws over the years. When prince William had his avgangsparade at Sandhurst in 2006, stood Kate and family on the sidelines with senior members of the royal family.

This time it was mother Carole which caused a stir, as the TV-pictures showed her while she chewed nicotine chewing gum. It should not have fallen in good soil at queen Elizabeth.

Middleton-the couple has also been accused of using Kate in that commercial draw for Party Pieces. When Kate and Williams relationship ended in 2007, ended up Carole in a mediestorm when it was said that she had a lot of the blame for the breach. According to The Telegraph to the queen have been excited about your granddaughter’s choice of a girlfriend, but more wary of her mother Carole.

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CONTROVERSIAL: As mentioned above in the article has several times been an uproar around Michael and Carole Middleton. The latter quit after each reading the issues about themselves. Photo: NTB scanpix Show more Feared to lose the family

Carole has still stood by the side of their daughters in the storm.

– It has not always been as easy to keep together, mother Middleton write.

My greatest fear has been losing my family, but we have managed to remain close. I have two great svigersønner … and get hopefully one day a great daughter-in-law, ” she says.

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BEAMING: Duchess Kate and prince William were happy with the visit of his so far, and Kate looked forward to a day with more outdoor activities. Video: Chinese Falch / Reporter: Henriette Eilertsen Show more

It has not been easy for Middleton, who lives together with her husband Michael (69) in Buklebury in West Berkshire, to combine the massive career with being a mother to three small children.

It should be said that the family always had money, with royal connections on both the maternal – and paternal grandfather, but they could not sit back and relax.

– I have two other children, my job, and I live my own life here gone. I have lived in for years and people knew me before catherine’s … influence. It is not normal to pull at Louis’ baptism, or in catherine’s wedding, but when all is said and done, it’s the familiearrangementer, ” she says to the newspaper.

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FAMILIEARRANGEMENTER: Large sections of the british royal family, here photographed in 2015, posing in the connection with the princess Charlotte of baptism. Carole stands in the middle of the picture, between prince Charles and James Middleton. Photo: NTB scanpix Show more User time on the grandkids

Especially during the holidays, it was difficult to be the parents of what would become three of the Uk’s most talked about people. Pippa and duchess kate’s brother, James, is also a favored object for sladderpressen, although he keeps a low profile. It required both concentration and love to make sure they got what they wanted in the world.

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JUST as IMPORTANT: Carole has given priority to all the children equally through adolescence, while she has worked hard with their company. Here she and her son James pictured together in connection with Pippas wedding last year. Photo: NTB scanpix Show more

Mike and I talked often about work in the evenings or in the vacations, but we loved it. I never felt that I was a working mother, even though I was there. The children felt it rather not, ” she says to the newspaper.

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She has also received four great grandchildren, who likes to visit his grandmother. Prince George (5), princess Charlotte (3), prince Louis (seven months) and son to Pippa and her husband, Arthur (a month and a half), get plenty of attention from his grandparents.

The Telegraph, who has chosen to publish the entire two interviews with Carole Middleton, writes that the 63-year-old will be happy now that the christmas season will soon be dialed in. In fact, it is so that all the grandkids get their christmas tree, which they can decorate as desired.

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