the Assignment to read ”Nyårsklockan” at Skansen at midnight has rotated since 2014 and this year it will be Mikael Persbrandts tour, announces SVT in a press release.

the Host of SVT’s live broadcast from the Sollidenscenen becomes Anne Lundberg and entertainment stands among other Kyrkjebø Sissel, Darin, LaGaylia Frazier and Moneybrother.

The Norwegian artist Sissel Kyrkjebø will perform a newly written nyårshymn along with a 28-headed running. Moneybrother will pay tribute to Jerry Williams, LaGaylia tribute to Aretha Franklin.

”Nyårsklockan” at the stroke of midnight at Skansen has been going on since 1895. Many remember the Jarl Kulles dramatic readings, which began in 1983. Between 1997 and 2000, read elmore leonard, the well-known lines and then it was Jan Malmsjö 2001-2013. Then, in 2014, Loa Falkman (2014), Malena Ernman (2015), Pernilla August (2016), and Krister Henrikson (2017) read in the new year for Skansenbesökare and tv-viewers.

Mikael Persbrandt is bioaktuell in Anna Odells movie ”X & Y”, in which he plays himself. The film says it wants to deconstruct the image of Mikael Persbrandt as alfahanne.