MejlaAnders Lindberg+ FÖLJÅSIKTNamnge early elections after Annie Lööf Aftonbladet leader board independent social democratic.Foto: Lotte Fernvall / AFTONBLADET / 3226LEDARE

Annie Lööf is the Swedish policy no-queen. The first shed she and Stefan Löfven (S) with the sweden democrats ‘ votes, then, mother, she, Ulf Kristersson (M), together with the Left party and now she thinks once again trap Leaves with the help of Åkesson. The aim is not to provide the SD and V influence, ” she says. Finally, the required Research on the pressträffen that all the others would be just as constructive as she had been.

God help us in this case.

The two decisions so far that will be of importance to, the election of the president and next year’s budgets, has Annie Lööf forwarded to the sweden democrats to decide. Because SD on Wednesday promised a vote on the Conservatives budget so it will go through. A voice on Jimmie Åkesson turned out to be a voice on the Ulf Kristersson and the prime minister and the conservatives economic policies.

So what happens now?

Planning a large coalition

Annie Lööf plan seems to be to push forward an intergovernmental cooperation between Socialists and Conservatives where she can be the only opposition. In Germany, such so-called “big coalition” ruled since 2013, which has ground down both the conservative CDU/CSU and the socialist SPD. The result has been that the right-wing Alternative for Germany reaped great success.

Probably is something similar not possible in Sweden, even if the parties would like, which is not the case. Conservatives not managed to keep Decemberöverenskommelsen when KD began to rumble bothered hardly bear up a government together with the social democrats. And the same problems that exist in Germany would probably show itself even here: if you short the right life, so goes the electorate to Jimmie Åkesson.

the Pressure on the president, increases the

The most important thing in the future is probably who the president nominates as prime minister in the fourth and deciding vote in parliament. It is only when there is a sharp threat on the extra choices and thus the possibility that any slopes. I guess the pressure will be on president Andreas Norlén (M) in the final round to nominate Ulf Kristersson be extremely strong. It looks right now to be the only possibility for moderatledaren to become prime minister.

To the left speculate if Annie Lööf all the time bluffat and that in the end she will release a M-government with SD’s support. But in that case, would she probably end as a politician. You can’t first climb on northern Europe’s highest moral horse and then quietly stepping out of. More likely is that in the end she is as hard in their principles that there will be extra options.

In that case, it should, as Jonas Sjöstedt once joked about on Twitter, be baptized for the Annie Lööf-election. Unfortunately, it is not fun anymore.