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First, something that doesn’t have to listen to determine: Robbie Williams, the former contender to the vacant title of “King of Pop”, has brought out a Christmas album, and serves the world so that such a vile Musical, Big Band, Kitsch, that you are allowed him for once to be really angry. Feast of love or.

But no matter. Necessarily know, you should learn the English trumpeter Matthew Halsall. If someone has the legacy of John Coltrane, gracefully continues, then this gentleman from Manchester. He leads by the way, the German Label ECM Records, where this fall, a new Album from him, as well as the equally commendable back catalog of his work published.

Matthew Halsalls music , the meditations in pure beauty – an addiction of the substance. Here is an example from his 2009 Album “Colour Yes”:

In its reduction to the Essential the to the jazzy machinations of the German Dark Jazz collective Bohren & der Club of Gore. Here, too, there is new material – the Album follows in January:

“Halt, stranger sir,” I listen to the reading community up. “What’s this shoal of Jazz in a Popkolumne? We pop-consumer thirst for entertainment, Entertainment and comprehensible songs.” Of course, we also have the in the offer. For example, in the Form of this hip Retro-Soul-spirit of the group brain story from the American San Bernardino Valley.

“Well,” call the dissatisfied reader. “We want more Glamour! Let us not be with this balled-up Indie-Soul for an answer!” Well. Also, the Pop-ne’er-do-Baxter Dury has released a new song. Reminder: This is the man who has brought us two years ago, the Coolness hardly to be overriding the Song “Miami”.

With his latest Song he is in the same vein:

And for that big of a deal still: the discovery of The week is Hanne hukkelberg industrier, the Soul of onomatopoetic electronics, crosses:

the Same approach, differentes result: Evann McIntosh gives us an electro-acoustic wonder-ballad – because it is no matter, if at the beginning of the song, the Midi Keyboard is spinning a bit:

the dance music Department was not idle. The latest blast from Manchester from Fox:

quite funny: Dub from South Korea. The project is called the NST & The Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee.

talked About

Actually, it was only a matter of time that the subject comes up: The group Coldplay will go on tour. Not just any Band, but one that was once so big and market powerful that the mere delay of the Album release date caused turbulence on the stock markets. The reason for the Tour-disclaimer: the climate. The Band is rubbing, however, get a revenue of 470 million euros in the leg, so much it should have at least implemented with their last Tour.

The decision is likely to bring the whole music industry to Ponder. The life cycle assessment of internationally active Music-making is abysmal. Those ever so environmentally conscious Festivals as well, the journeys of the musicians and of the material in the invoice. Coldplay now want to find out in the next few years, as a future Tour is sustainable and climate-to achieve neutral.

Certain Festivals (rather smaller) have already started to book Bands only if they play anyway near. Others will soon have to – in addition to the compliance with the Gender quota, the take into Account ethnic diversity and the protection of the environment on the site-unpleasant questions as to the amount of damage caused to flight kilometers.

and now so soon with cultural exchange? Means the imports, the end of cross-pollinating Music? Will be admired at the local Open Airs at some point, only home Create? And the Swiss Bands are thrown and soon the puny home market must, therefore, give with tours in the same Classrooms and multi-purpose halls satisfied? And: Is the old slogan, “travel” is soon nothing more? End of the world horizon at the Canton of their own border?

Maybe the environment Department of Coldplay invents something Revolutionary. Today the stock market no longer rests so rate, but the rate of an entire industry on the shoulders of the sorry for English.

Little tip: The Swiss group Tim & Puma Mimi has with your Skype concerts, pre -, as it could go. Tim was with his instruments Park in San Francisco on the spot, Mimi sang in front of the Computer in Zurich. A plane ticket was already saved a lot of time.

The Swiss window

The Zurich-based Duo, None of Them has the second tone on the market. It seems like a tour through an electro-musical hall of mirrors. What is Pop, what is a deconstruction of the same? Rare electronic music from Switzerland has thrown so much confusion.

What is bloom

It happens to us quite an event loser in December. As ever, the music industry is limited to bring Best-of-Remastering – or live material as a gift idea among the people. As a rather is not feverishly-awaited live is album by Kylie Minogue in the view, Bob Dylan has re-excavated a couple of Demo-Tapes from the sixties, and The Police release a 6-CD-Box. Only the old Rocker from The Who give productive: Of them there is an Album with new Studio material. And the somewhat confused Kanye West wants, of all things to give at Christmas, his Album “Jesus Is Born” out. He seems to have the sale of physical recorded music finally written off.

The piece

Nick Cave has drawn in the eighties in his native Australia, a dance of like minded musicians to. Crime & the City Solution, or Hugo Race, followed him even to Berlin. One who acted always in Caves shadow, but, nevertheless, a few tours in Europe could play, was Louis Tillett. In 1992, his parade album “Letter to a Dream” appeared, of which the piece of “Harpies Bizarre” comes from.

Recently, he has released a new Album called “The Ugly Truth”. The track “Condemned to Live” has it done to us.

The soundtrack

What new releases are stabbed in the ear? A record 52 new Songs have come together this week. It is joyful to hear the German rappers Kinderzimmer Productions, with the Pop-hobbyists inside of CocoRosie, with the late Leonard Cohen, or the dark man, Zebra Katz. It is in the A cappella sound basin, the French singer Dominique Fils-Aimé swimming, dancing, new African music, or to revel in newly-applied Gospel from the sixties.

And here is the constantly updated “Chill Soul”Playlist with more than 50 hours of soulful music from around the world. Ideally suited for long autumn walks.

Every Tuesday to write the music editors Ane Hebeisen and Benedikt Sartorius in this new column about pop music. And with a Spotify Playlist price, what are the Songs you listen to.

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