In the case of a mass panic in a nightclub in Italy, came five young people lost their lives. Among the total of six deaths is also a mother, was a fire brigade spokesman Luca Cari, the German press Agency confirmed on Saturday. The accident occurred in the middle of the night in the municipality of Corinaldo, near the port city of Ancona on the Adriatic sea. There, especially among young people popular Italian Rapper Sfera Ebbasta should occur. But it never came.

Mace put the visitors in panic

in the Midst of the excitement before the concert, sprayed the first evidence that someone is over the top and put the visitors in a panic. Around 1000 people are expected to have in the “Lanterna Azzurra”, the blue lantern, found. “We have seen all these people on the emergency exit were heading, but at the beginning we didn’t understand why,” said an eyewitness, the television channel Rai. “After a while, we have also started to cough.” Another young person said that he had seen how the people stacked over each other and screamed. “It was devastating.” Three girls and two boys lost their lives. They were 14, 15 and 16 years old.

dozens of people were injured, of from 50 to 120, the speech was on Saturday. Rescue workers tending to the injured on the open road. “Let us through”, is heard in the hustle and bustle of one of the forces call, than a recliner by the picture in the Video, the fire is pushed. The ten visitors were seriously injured. The condition of some Vdcasino of the “very critical,” wrote the head of the government, Giuseppe Conte on Facebook and announced to go to the scene of the incident. Paramedics reported that many of the injured in the scramble part, heavy bruising, bone fractures suffered.

An emergency exit is blocked

the mass of people in the direction of an output is pushing On one of the Italian media have released a Video of the Moment is to be seen in the. The path is like a bottle neck, in which there seems to be no Front-to-Back. Then the Balustrade is on the one hand, all of a sudden. Dozens of people fall. An emergency exit was blocked by the statements of eye-witnesses, according to. “It is absurd to die like that,” said Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio.

the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini confirmed this information on the television. According to him, the Club was crowded but apparently. “With 15 years, you must not die,” said Salvini. It is his duty “to find those responsible for the six snatched from life, those who have turned from wickedness, stupidity or greed of a Party evening in a tragedy”. President Sergio Mattarella said, what happened, leave a like “petrified”. The Pope assured before the faithful in St Peter’s square, the dead and the many wounded in his prayer to include.

The Club itself is not a Statement

It was difficult to find words for the pain, wrote Sfera Ebbasta on Instagram. He called on his Fans to think about how “dangerous and stupid it is to use pepper spray in a nightclub”. From the Club itself, there was initially no Statement. Only the Cover of the “Lanterna Azzurra” in Facebook has been changed: Until the early hours of the morning, it showed the photo of the eccentric rapper on a pink Background. After the accident, it was black. Early in the Morning the investigation began, and witnesses, among other things, the numerous Security men.

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