With a debt of two million dollars, a strong movement pejorative back injury and a strained economy, was simply a measly six dollars to spare when all the bills were paid in the days following 1. november, is it well with an optimistic livsindstilling and a creative way to think about and act on in everyday life.

Fortunately, Per Hermansen these properties as a buffer against the daily back – and pocket pain, which makes it easier to be on sick leave kontanthjælpsmodtager with two children – Tim, on eight of which live permanently with his father, and Isabella of six years, who lives with her mother and is with her father every other weekend.

– When people ask what I’m doing, and I reply that I’m on the dole, facing numerous back and becomes silent. It is apparently taboo to be in a difficult situation.

– the Advantage of it is that it is easier to sort rygklappere from the right friends, says Per Sørensen, who has been on sick leave since 2015, and that is framing her and the children’s everyday lives in a rental home in Broby on Funen.

The 37-year-old father of two who was divorced from the children’s mother four years ago, is, in spite of his back problems, not set to be retired in such an early age.

– I would like to go out in a flex job, which brands to use at the same time earn a little money, he says, and explains that he is already in a certain extent, make utility and get nothing in return. The Yellow Helpers in Tommerup few kilometres from Broby is a voluntary, non-profit store, collecting the groceries, which is close to the expiration date. In the store can be vulnerable and economically strained families from the island of Fyn act two carrier bags with vegetables, bread and meat for Pashacasino 25 dollars each week.

Per Hermansen will, in spite of its strained economic situation does not stub out smoking and save the expense. – I roll them yourself under me the 400 dollars I spend on rulletobakken each month, he says. Photo Tim Kildeborg Jensen

Per Hermansen picks up the kassérede groceries in the Aldi stores around on the island of Funen and Langeland, and he enjoys himself well of the two weekly bags of food, plus an extra bag for his efforts to gather the goods into as a Yellow Helpers.

– Even though my purse is empty, so there is always food in my freezer, says Per Sørensen, who was to become a web-integrator, since life – and the back – got a crack.

A julehjælpspakke to a value of 1,500 dkk, regardless of the Per Hermansens engagement in The Yellow Helpers, the difference between being able to afford to celebrate christmas in the low ceilings, the former farmhand housing close up ad Brobygaard.

– the Children should be with their mother christmas eve, where I am active for The Yellow Helpers, but even so I hope that I can keep christmas with them 1. christmas day.

The tight economy, especially arising out of, to Per Hermansen burning inside with two udlejningshuse some years ago, has meant that they cannot afford to go to sports or other recreational activities for the children.

– We have never been outside of Denmark. We are pleased, however, that we have a season pass to the zoo in Odense, says Per Sørensen, who has had concerns about the open to tell about his difficult life situation.

– I am completely settled with it. Men are often very proud, but anyone can get it hard, and real men cry too sometimes.

the Number of poor children in Denmark are now up of 44,000, according to a new analysis from the Labour movement Business council. The same number as in 2009, when the former fattigdomsydelser still existed, and in a time where the financial crisis had affected the Danish society.

If you or someone you know, need julehjælp, then you can search here. Last year got 9540 single-parent families on public service a julehjælpspakken, which has a value of 1500 kr: A gift card for Rema, a gift card to BR and a gift certificate to the Sportmaster. Which opened for applications last Thursday, and more than 14000 single parent families have already applied. There is a deadline on Friday. 30. november. the

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