At the end of the 1970s, Gösta Ekman, Lena Söderblom, a series of tv episodes (Herr och Fru Papphammar, are found in SVT’s Open archive) of how it would look like if adults were treated like we treat children. The result was and is terrible. Terribly fun and actually horrendous, verging on abuse, when Ekman in the role as the child being pushed around on the town and åthutas on the worst. But as is so often able as the comedy comes the visibility of something truly serious.

In the same way Young Clarified, ”because I say it” a playful, beautiful and visibility performance on the relationship between children and adults. If adults, are often so oblivious, härskartekniker and if the fragile line between what is oppression, and a reasonable distinction.

Perspective switch somersault and get my in spin view of the adult world’s shortcomings

small acts was full of verbal abuse, is the gestation of the Young Cope terse. Here it is in rather than the bodies, the dance, the facial expression goes that tells. And do it with a vengeance. A nine actors, a strong ensemble takes the audience by storm. The ensemble works the one moment, as a movement, an expression. A human school of fish glistening in front of and around the caramel coloured globalisation, a stage, which underlines the fact that here we are in the playful imagination that at the same time describe the reality. Children, for example, be accelerated to catch, catch, catch to the pre-school, job, everyday life. The bustle is dissolved and two-and-two moves with the actors diagonally dancing, stumbling with the clothes that the child barely has time to get on my in the stress.

This gets a great molnbank of white’s tulle skirts visualize the various: items, hårmanar and, of course, dreams. Here, we meet children who themselves are happy dress but then corrected to the adult’s firm grip and the regular expression associated to ”SO!”, ”SO!”, ”SO!” And yes, just so often see adult/child everyday. It is not fun all the times but at the same time in Farnaz arbabi’s director, Anne Jonsson’s choreography and the ensemble’s expression, an inclusive and conciliatory warmth and humor. Perspective beats somersault and get my in spin view of the adult world’s shortcomings. It is actually a bit of a shame if the adult and the child smiling indulgence with the certainty that it is, perhaps, eventually want to manage their own vuxenhet a bit different. We feel hope. And right now, I hope that many, many adults come with their children and see, ”I say it”. It is a little gem.

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