So, the result was clear: Sunnmørsjenta Tonje Frøystad Garvik (29) is again the winner of “the Farm” 2018, and can finally escape the ovation loose.

That victory certainly comes with a certain bismak, and there is no doubt. Earlier in the week, it became known that the losing party, now “identified” as uvdølingen Kjetil Nørstebø (28), demands rematch after hard claims about the finalejuks on both sides.

The last few weeks have Nørstebø been in a very inflamed conflict with TV 2, which, like the fresh “Farm”-the winner themselves completely rejected the claims 28-year-old comes with.

WON: Tonje Frøystad Garvik (29) went all the way to the top in the “Farm”. At this time the ante she not why finalemotstanderen stuck to the wood after the recording. Photo: Mike Skaar Show more – I don’t have cheat

Nørstebø claim your opponent has been known with a more definitive answer in advance of the crucial kunnskapsduellen, which was shown in tonight’s episode. He believes this has come from a staff member in the Strix – which he claims has favoured and associated with unhealthy ties with the winner (read the full story here).

Even is Frøystad Garvik sure in his case:

– I have not, under any circumstances, contributed to the cheating during the final. Kjetils claims are completely unfounded, and I have no idea where he got it from. Really not, ” states 29-year-old.

WON: Sit Sleperud congratulations girlfriend Tonje Frøystad Garvik with the victory during the recording of “the Farm”-the final. Video: Miriam Bakkejord Show more

– Associated with you for close ties with some Strix-employees during the recording?

– To become familiar with the staff in such a production, but they have in no way given me any benefits. We got maybe an “illegal” piece of candy one time, but there were many others who also got. It never went too far, and I doubt that anyone would sacrifice their career to help a participant to win. What do they have to win at it, ask the 29-year-old.

Therefore, appeared none of them up on the “Farm”-the party

– What do you think about the claims He comes with?

It is incredibly sad. He was a good friend in there, and I unte him the victory. Overall, I think this is very heavy, I feel that my name being dragged through the mud. I think this defeat was huge for him, and that he has gone into a kind of lock. It Timebet is a sad situation, ” she says.

Full isfront

Nine weeks have passed since the fateful innspillingsnatta, where Nørstebø as is well known, escaped to the forest after the defeat. Frøystad Garvik was made acquainted with the 28-åringens claims the first few weeks after the recording.

THEN: Kjetil Nørstebø and Tonje Frøystad Garvik got a close relationship on the “Farm”. Today they have no contact. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2 Show more

It came as lightning from a clear sky, and felt completely awful. The scope is enormous, and the accusations are evil. The close friendship I got to the Kettle through the stay does, of course, the case extra special.

– Have you talked with him after the recording?

– No. I have tried to call him, but not received any response. Considering what has happened it will be a lie to say that I hope for reconciliation with it first. But I hope that we still can bury stridsøksa a day, and go on with our lives. A part of me is still fond of him.

Respond to kjæresteavsløring: – Was completely put out,

Kjetil Nørstebø even has the following to say about the broken friendship:

It is of course sad. I have basically nothing against Tonje, and if she wants to call me she must be happy to do it. To date I have not heard anything, so then I expect that there will be any reconciliation with the first.

Will not speculate

Tonje Frøystad Garvik emphasises that she does not have as a goal to “go into war” with Nørstebø.

The only thing I want is to absolve myself. I have nothing to hide, and stand firm on the fact that I have won the “Farm” on a completely honest basis, ” she says.

Among the other “Farm”-the participants Dagbladet has talked to, the opinions shared. Some supports up under Kjetils claims that there have been close relationships between the participants and the Strix-employees during the shooting, but no one wants to speculate around what has actually happened.

Frøystad Garviks girlfriend and meddeltaker, Sit Sleperud (29), is, naturally enough, among those who endorses the “Farm”-winner.

GET SUPPORT: Tonje Frøystad Garvik and Sit Sleperud participated on the “Farm” together. Photo: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet Show more

– I’m just so insane saddened and speechless over the whole situation, and feel that He is doing what he can to destroy for Tonje. It is obviously harder for him to lose prinsessa and half the kingdom, ” she says.


Sleperud will have the support of Karianne Sissener Amundsen (27), as the smoke out of “the Farm” earlier in the evening.

– I was there almost as long as Tonje and Kjetil, and know me not at all again in the claims he comes with. That he is doing this against someone he has seen as a good friend, is just sad.

Kjetil Nørstebø still stands firmly by their accusations, and says that he is willing to take the fight further. 28-year-old is not present on the finalefesten in Oslo in the evening.

PET runaway lovers Sit Sleperud and Tonje Frøystad Garvik was known for the whole of Norway when they participated in the “Farm”. But long before the participation in the popular reality program, the couple was to see on the screen in a completely different setting. Video: Tresori Diamonds and Dagbladet Show more