The “Samu social”, “read and make Read” or the “Foundation Break Poverty” : the Great Prize of the Foundation of the Institut de France crown this year those who have striven to heal the wounds of the coronavirus. The juries of foundations housed by the Institute of France gathered by digital means, to refer to their winners, but the awards ceremony originally scheduled for June 4 will not occur.

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The awards ceremony will take place in October, said the Institute at the AFP. These awards, which recognise outstanding achievements in the fields of scientific, cultural and humanitarian, are delivered every year since 2005.

grant outstanding 125,000 euros will go to the “Foundation Break Poverty” for its project of assistance to the distance education that will provide 500 computers to low-income families. The Foundation Charles Defforey has made the choice of reward associations “1001 words” and “read and make Read”), each with 150,000 euros, and delivers his “Great humanitarian Award” at the Samu social of Paris, also of € 150,000.

The scientific research richly rewarded

With 500,000 euros, the Prix de la Fondation Christophe Mérieux will benefit the epidemiologist, south africa Quarraisha Abdool Karim of the CAPRISA (Centre for the AIDS programme of research in South Africa). Jean-Luc Beuzit of the laboratoire d’astrophysique de Marseille and his team have been rewarded by the Foundation Charles Defforey, who provide 450,000 euros for their research on exoplanets.

The specialist neuro-sciences, Sonia Garel of the Institute of Biology of the École Normale Supérieure is being rewarded by the Fondation NRJ, and the immunologist Gérard Eberl, of the Pasteur Institute by the Foundation Simone and Cino Del Duca. Each year, between 23 and 25 million euro price – including these great prices – and stock exchanges will be paid by some 200 foundations housed by the Institute, Quai Conti.

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