As of the sexism scandal would not have been to champion Ada hegerberg enough, now-in connection with the award of the Ballon d’or, a new explosive aspect to light. At the time of voting is not to be received according to the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” everything with the right things.

Before the election, 176 journalists from as many countries give their voice. The voice of the Comoros, however, raises questions. Toimimou Abdou, a photographer and former employee of the newspaper “Albalad Comores”, surprised: “It surprised me to see that the newspaper still exists. As far as I know, and this corresponds to the truth has been set, the operation of the news media less than six years ago. In the paper, there was never a Reporter with the name Abdou Boina.” The Phantom Journalist had voted for Mbappé on court 1. On the part of the organisers France Football, has yet to respond nobody to the allegations.

The choice list of the Phantom reporter, Abdou Boina. (Source: Screenshot/Mundo Deportivo)

The winner will be determined by a points system. The journalist lists in the order you select the five best players on. The first player on your rank list receives six points, second five points and so on. The 33-year-old Vice-champion of Luka Modric from Croatia, won this year’s election with 753 points.

Ronaldo’s sisters are mad

The sister of Cristiano Ronaldo, Elma Aveiro, joined the victory of Modric, very pissed off. She was outraged that her brother took only the second place. On your Instagram Account, the 39-Year-old let the frustration run wild. She posted a picture of CR7 where he’s holding his last year’s trophy in Hand, and Tipobet criticized the organizers, and eligible voters violently. In doing so, you brought God into the game: “Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. It rotted, by the Mafia, and the fucking money. The Power of God is greater than this rot. God takes his time, but he will not fail.”

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Unfortunately isto é o Mundo k se vive ????since podridão , máFIA e do filha da puta do dinheiro ????mas eu é mt gente irá ver muita coisa , justiça , e o poder de Deus é mt maior que essa podridão toda ????Deus tarda mas não also because the blog’s ????

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Ronaldo’s eldest sister, Katia Aveiro (42), was less hard with the journalists in court. She wrote on Instagram under the same image: “the best player in The world – for those who have an idea of soccer .”

Many football fans do not see Modric as the righteous winner of the election. This is due to the fact that other players have more goals and more Assists as the Vice-world champion on the account. It would only be according to these statistics, would not be the Ballon d’or, the award for the best footballer, but for the best striker. The discussion of who is the best player in the world, will probably to all eternity. (nsa)

Created: 08.12.2018, 17:46 PM