?afak Ozkutle is a DJ, lives on the island of Ibiza – and hates night clubs. “I was never in the DC-10,” he told the Mixmag. The other Locations on the island visits, he never. He prefers to spend his time on the beach or in the woods. Also in his home city of Istanbul Ozkutle was to be found hardly at parties. Electronic music he discovered by chance: for a long while, the former graphic designer and just playing around with the Ableton his roommate. So Tracks that were inspired by Nicolas Jaar as well as Turkish Folk music emerged.

Ten months has invested the DJ in his new Album: “Ex Nihilo”. Video: YouTube/Kanto Records

Soon Ozkutle from his office job and was bored. He began to work as a decorator in the then-new Beach Club in Istanbul. In the early hours of the morning, he put under his Pseudonym Oceanvs Orientalis its Tracks. In the process, he made friends with the international DJs that have been booked by the Club. Finally, David Benjamin was on the Turks ‘ attention. He founded the Berlin-based Label The Magic Movement. On this first EP, “Khronos appeared in the 2015 Ozkutles”. She made sure that the DJ and producer has been able to launch for the first Time outside of the Turkey. “It all happened pretty quickly,” he recalled. “I had never planned such a future.”

in 2015, appeared on his own Label, the multi-faceted Electro-debut album “Untold / Unknown”. Soon the sequel will appear. Already more than eight months of work put Ozkutle in “Ex Nihilo”. The ten Tracks tell a story from a different time in the universe. The already published “Plankton Planet” from the Urvorfahr. Who would have thought that this inspired to a modern club track?

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