The Norwegian håndballjentene have not got the start of Davos, which they surely dreamt of. With two losses and a win in the preliminary round, they get tough opposition in the weeks to come.

We got a panic

Yet is nothing settled, and the Norwegian girls and coach Thorir Hergeirsson (54) have shown how good they can be several times in the past.

Rituals before battle

When the Newspaper met Hergeirsson, and a couple of the players before departure, revealed islendingen that he has his regular rituals he must perform before the girls meet the opponents on the field.

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fighting fit: Thorir reveals that it is important for him to have music on the ear before the game. Photo: NTB scanpix Show more

I listen to music while I am preparing myself before the game. I hear a little bit of each, including U2 and the Talking Heads – then I firmly in battle mode, admitted the general.

– What happens if you don’t get heard on the music you like?

Thorirs comet about EM: – Totally sick

– It runs plenty fine as well, I’m not so hung up in it, so I can manage me. But it is always good to get good music, when I get in the mood, he said.

Veronica Kristiansen (28) has been on the national team for several years and in the face of the Newspaper she can be in contrast to the coach revealing that she takes a great distance away from the rituals before she goes on the path – of the very special reasons.

I have no rituals actually. I dare not simply. If I suddenly don’t get done, so it can go the wrong way, she said lattermildt.

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do NOT: In contrast to coach dare not Veronica Kristiansen to Neyine have fixed rituals before the game. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix Show more Controls the the ship

The Norwegian team will face Hungary on Friday evening, and when the Newspaper had a chat with captain Stine Bredal Oftedal (27) before departure, she could reveal how it is to be captain of one of the world’s best håndballag.

– It is I who has the official title as captain, but there are very many of the other girls who help me very well, so it is a single layer to be seen this way, shared she.

the Norwegian national team is both seasoned players and newer girls. Bredal Oftedal think it is positive with depth and that it is a great help to her as captain – especially in challenging periods.

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RESPONSIBILITIES: Stine Bredal Oftedal pointed out on several occasions against Germany in 2015, but thought nothing more on the extra responsibility of being the team captain. Video: Bjørn Langsem Show more

– Some times so I think that it would be nice if I could just think of myself, especially if it goes a little bad for me, I know a little of the captain a few times.

– If I’m unhappy with my own efforts so I must still be on, and to take care of, but there are fortunately many people who take responsibility, she continued.


The last time the team have been affected by the injuries, and the 27-year-old told the that despite the fact that they are well prepared for the championships, the damages are a dark part of the sport.

Skrekkskaden affects ever-younger girls: – Scary!

It is the worst side of the sport spring, but something we unfortunately at times has been a little too familiar with, she said.

Just before leaving went it namely wrong for Stine and the other girls ‘ good colleague Amanda Kurtovic (27). In the last game before the championship had Amanda to leave the field in great pain, after what has proven to be a blown cruciate ligament.

Earlier this week, it was also known that Thea Dark (27), which for the first time was had and with in the championship, had to throw in the towel.

Thea is finished and heading home in the afternoon, said national team coach Thorir Hergeirsson during Tuesday’s given the same treatment in the French Brest. the

In the mesterskapsdebuten got the 27-year-old only a few minutes against the Czech republic. She has been much skadeplaget, and this time it was the shoulder that stopped her.

Brethren håndballstjerna: – Mom would we rather should begin to play in bands