Helsinki kannelmäki, located in Finland’s first sex doll brothel has received the first male doll.In the video introducing the Unique Dolls-sex doll brothel woman doll.

160 inches and 30 pounds. There are Finland’s first sex doll brothel of Unique Dolls, Rome-man doll dimensions. Try to get a male doll to their range, for straight women and gay men have been asking the man doll a number of times to the brothel in the first few weeks.

we Ordered dolls from the same factory in China as part of the female doll, sex doll brothel as the host of the public appeared Antti Kurhinen .

the Brothel owner is a Russian entrepreneur, who does not want to appear in public.

Romeo doll is täyssilikonia, like the brothel woman doll, too. Romeo is the male genital organs and a few different size change the penis.

– They are larger the normal man compared to Kurhinen tell.

Romeo and Antti Kurhinen. Unique Dolls

He regrets that Romeo is a man of small stature. The justification is the puppet handling.

– the Doll is light weight, so that women would be easier to move it around. If the doll were a real man, weight, women should not turn as it at all.

Romeo is in the picture still naked, but the entrepreneur get my clothes and change wigs.

– Now it is perhaps too feminine-looking. It is chosen so that the gays would love that, but women still would like. Someone might say that it is feminine to the touch, but gay men can like feminine doll.

the Previous owner and Kurhinen justify their mere woman doll the acquisition of it, that would be suitable, if the customers would at the same time, men and women.

– It could even be dangerous, Kurhinen said in an interview a month ago.

Now the sled is Trbet turned.

– Place a lot of money on, we can’t yet offer separate facilities for male dolls.

Romeo-doll has a very stand out of the muscles. Unique DollsHumalaiset men seek within

sex doll brothel visitor numbers have stabilized starts to rush after and try of hope, that the male doll would bring more customers.

– Everyday should get more visitors.

on the Weekends in a brothel has been began to charge after 10 clients a day and weekdays 3 to 7 customers a day.

– Everyday should be to get more customers, you’re not using so that the customers is only on weekends, when men are drinking and want to become a doll with the play.

Kurhinen according to the brothel is sought on the weekends a lot of very drunken men, which are not able to take clients.

it’s Good that we have a doorman. Men are so drunk, that the good if you remain on your feet. We don’t let drunken inside at all. A little drink can come, but not ” marble mouth.”

Customer favorite doll Candy does not, however, broken in a drunken-treated, but a large man carrying out the wildest of fantasies. Its successor, Cherry arriving from the factory next week.

Kurhinen according to the customers come to the brothel as discreetly as possible with a hood, and not just comment on her visits.

– They seem like she’s embarrassed her visits, sadly. Except for one standard customer comment always her visits to pleasantly.

the Brothel has introduced a half-hour of rental time total hours in addition.

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