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It starts to work against christmas with a vengeance.
Should you send christmas cards or christmas gifts in the mail?
Here are the dates you need to keep track of.

Photo: JohnerHär are the dates you need to keep track of your mail should arrive before christmas.

Updated 5 december 2018.

Christmas is soon for the door and it is time to review the mail and christmas packages.

What is the most important thing to remember when utlandspost?

– It is always important to have the correct name and address. Do not write for krusidulligt as receiving post offices can interpret all the parts, ” says Erika Ahlqvist, general manager for the distribution of Postnord Sweden.

Many will also send packages home. What should you think about then?

– When posting packages, you should consider to write the correct address and name. If the child does Grbets not have valid id, enter the parent’s name on the package instead. So that you have the right to pick up the package.