Worldwide, 1.35 million people die each year in road traffic accidents. In just three years, the number of traffic fatalities had increased to around 100,000, according to a Friday report submitted to the world health organization (WHO), based on data from the year 2016. In the previous report, based on data from the year 2013, it was estimated the number of deaths in road traffic to 1.25 million per year.

road traffic accidents are now the leading cause of death for children and young people between the Oslobet ages of five and 29 years. “These deaths are at an unacceptable price for mobility,” said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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Despite the rise in traffic-related deaths have stabilized the Rate in comparison to the increasing number of people and cars in the world in the past few years, it said. This would indicate that security measures in richer countries scaled back concerns about the Situation. However, the risk of fatal road traffic accidents in poor countries is still three times as high as in rich countries. (AFP)