the 11-year-old Alina Medium-Mäenpää tells us the writer’s work, like breathing.

soini in the Southern Ostrobothnia from the elementary school fifth-grader makes author visits to your own and the neighboring elementary schools.

Mid-Mäenpää is together with his mother Kati Central Mäenpää with the author of two primary school children directed a detective story, so, for example, to the question of what writing a book really is easy to answer.

– the nice thing is that, when you get to invent characters and place yourself, Alina Central Mäenpää said.

the Two published the book

Mother and daughter first children’s detective story Stolen vaivaisakka released last year. The detective duo of Seedlings and Read the report series of the second part of Hilda’s ghost was published a couple of weeks ago. Both are Finnish missionary society association’s publisher paid for by the.

the Book is directed at primary school. The main characters are 10-year-olds.

– the Seedling is a brave girl who always goes all in. Luka is a bit hesitant, more shy boy. They are best friends, Alina Central Mäenpää says.

alina’s mother, Kati Central mäenpää, according to the daughter’s inner world is immensely rich.

He has a head full of stories and plot twists, which but expect to get the paper, Kati Central Mäenpää said.

Alina editing mother and mother Alinaa

the Writing is of a mother and daughter a common hobby. Kati Central Concepts is that it offers a great family opportunity to spend quality time.

– Sometimes we write the two alone in the cottage wool socks. Sometimes Alina to write something first, and I’ll continue then the next chapter – or the other way around.

the Book outlines the first yellow post-it note. Sometimes brainstorming is the size of the Central concepts of family. Wild and yet villimmistä idea of cutting part, the plot twist, the order of the edit, and then start self-writing.

Alina Medium-Mäenpää says the hardest part is editing text. Alina the text of the edit between the mother, the mother’s text to Alina.

Between mother write too long sentences and said that no child you understand about long sentences or difficult words.

Kati Central mäenpää, according to the book would be different if he would write them alone.

– Alina is the experience of an expert about what this age can write, Kati Central Mäenpää said.

Alina Medium-Mäenpäälle and Kati-my mom writing is a common hobby, through which they spend alone quality time.Pasi I / ylekirja fairs clearly the young writer

the Helsinki book fair will be visiting about 1,000 literati and influential. One of them, clearly the youngest, is Alina Medium-Mäenpää. The book fair program director Ronja Strait according to the next youngest author at the event’s 19-year-old.

– does Not often come up against this age, which is already published works. Children’s author, who is himself a child, Strait said.

the Strait, according to the book fairs have always been important, that is to provide programs that make children and young people themselves. Thursday and Friday during the exhibition will visit about 8,000 school children primary school age secondary school types of. In front of them also Alina and Kate-mother rose to tell the books.

– the Need for new factors, if we want new readers. Each type with a person is important, Strait said.

Writing resume

Alina Medium-Mäenpää has received education in the round experience to play in front of. Book fair she went to with my mom years ago to get acquainted with the event. Still a little nervous.

Alina and mom have already a little sketched book series, third part, but it, publish it, depending on the publisher.

– now let’s See first how this second book of success, Kati Central Mäenpää said.

Alina is the author of five years old. The home has dozens of notebooks filled with his writing and, for example, relatives have received alina’s stories about christmas as a gift.

the book series the first two parts are born of a mother and daughter collaboration. A possible third part Alina to write alone, because according to my mother, she is now ready.

Yes, I’m sure she’ll edit, and view text, but mainly I wrote myself.

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