fence-sitters are people who do not have a ticket, and not purely, but nevertheless keenly interested in what happens on the field of battle. Millions of politically interested German the today, Friday, when the exhibition halls in Hamburg 1001 delegates of the CDU to select their new Chairman or a new Chairman. Who wins there, it will also take the Chancellor’s office.

special fence guests on this day, the German social Democrats. Andrea Nahles and their Comrades may not have co-decision, but the outcome of the election between the two favorites for the Merkel successor will also determine your political future. In this consciousness you will continue to pursue the Transfer from Hamburg.

Should win the polarizer Friedrich Merz, would be the differences between the CDU and the SPD in the economic and social policy more clearly than under Angela Merkel. A topic would be back in the centre, the social Democrats can show their strength. This is the a side. The other is: Should the Merz company in the Grand coalition, a start-up on the Chancellery, would be to vote for the SPD because of its profile hardly. The government would then be at the end.

Similar to paradox about the effect of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. She promises as the party Chairman, continuity and Fairness in the Grand coalition would probably continue as Chancellor to make a compromise. That would be good for government work. But it would also be good for the SPD, the need to distinguish themselves in the government? As in the case of Merkel, the Comrades faced a task to explain who you really are and what are they used for.

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Many lose their represented self-confidence

The own thing with your head held high, always Enjoyed heavier, because many of them lose Confidence and self-confidence. This is no wonder, because the negative trend of the poll numbers has gained a momentum that is hard to control. And the view of the sad fate of many sister parties in other European countries shows that The disastrous 14 percent in surveys do not have to be the worst number.

The truth is: The two leaders of Nahles and Olaf Scholz has not stopped the decline, but contributed to it. Both good conditions seemed to bring, as they took over at the beginning of the year, the leadership of the party. Nahles, the best connoisseur of the party, has pushed their Comrades on instinct without always before the head – on the brutal Maaßen most in the case. Scholz, who was in Hamburg as a guarantor of sound government work, seems to bend constraints. He loses more and more the confidence of his party, he explains far too little.

Now the party leader has declared a radical farewell to Hartz IV, the main renewal issue. The more specific you are with answers, the clearer it is that it raises expectations that you can hardly meet. The promise to justify the welfare state in a completely new, discredited in addition, the performance of the SPD in the government.

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whoever the CDU chooses in Hamburg: If you bear the Grand coalition only, or even Proud of their government wants to develop, must decide the SPD alone. A lot of the time they didn’t.