The municipal group PP, where nine of the 10 council members are investigated for alleged money laundering, has spent the past three years by opposition to the coup of court. One of his advisors, Luis Salom –also a defendant-has filed in this mandate, some 15 allegations made against the councillors of the local Government who presides over mayor Joan Ribó. While, the PP in the Congress of Deputies has been a proposition not of law where, among other things, condemns precisely the political persecution by the criminal proceedings. Salom ensures that it is not the case.


Valencia without Rita Barberá, The PP suspends 18 councilors and advisers for the ‘Taula’

In the City of Valencia, where from June 2015 governs in coalition Compromís, the PSPV and Valencia city council (Can), win for shockers judicial. With the mandate just released, the Prosecutor’s office of Valencia opened proceedings for mayor’s trip to the summit of the mayors of the change in A Coruña after denouncing the PP that it could be an act of “pre-campaign” elections paid for with public funds. The popular asked Prosecutor’s office to assess “the possible commission of any illegality” by Ribó, and the first mayor promised to resign if what was due. I didn’t need it because in August 2016, the justice closed the proceedings do not appreciate any evidence of a crime.

Two years later, in June of 2018, the first mayor paraded through the corridors of the City of the Justice of the capital to testify in a coroner’s court that investigated for not disclosing to this same advisor the record about a controversial sociological survey the world fallas in 2017, which itself had delivered but with delay. At the exit of the courthouse, the mayor was alluding with irony to the mess the judicial system in the that is gotten from three years ago, Salom and a great part of the opposition group. “The dream of one accused of corruption is that we all are”, was dispatched Ribó, who was exonerated by little.

Are allegations that “have been filled and pursue only sully the image of Valencia”, values the team of municipal Government. The Popular Group “you try to do to see that we are all equal”, they add. From 2016 have been coming about 15 complaints –Salom does not provide data specific to prosecution, the trial courts, the anti-Fraud Office of valencia, to the Síndic of Greuges (ombudsman grievances valenciano), or to the Ombudsman. The advisor will have “colored face” with the file ec eight. On the other four there are errands. The rest have not transcended.

Among the released, in addition to two of the mayor, are two other directed against the councillor Maite Girau for the hiring of toilets and fractionation in the contract of maintenance of a city facility. Salom also reported to the councillor of Commerce, Carlos Galiana, of course, splitting of contracts in the management of social networks and the case ended up dismissed. “Some of the contracts that investigates the judge or even Asyabahis were signed by me,” he said in his day, the councillor investigated.

And not just there the list; the holder of Festive Culture, Pere Fuset, we have closed two judicial investigations carried out by the PP for the hiring of a poster for the fiestas and for the installation of a mailbox of the Magi. Even complained to the councilor of Heritage, Glòria Tello, for a damage of eur 302 in a ‘ninot’ of failure of the commander Cousteau.

The popular group in the city Council sees it as a strategy and insists that the allegations are justified and most of the presents Salom on an individual basis. The popular remember that Compromís denounced when ruled the city for cases like ‘Ritaleaks” –asked the Prosecutor to investigate more than 400 bills on alleged expenses sumptuary of Rita Barbera and his team). The office of the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court gave shelved to mid-2016 to the case to not appreciate “with the degree of security that an imputation of criminal requires” that the one that was first councillor charge up to the town Hall expenses have no connection with the municipal life. The remedy to the complaint has been, in fact, the job of opposition most eye-catching of a municipal group investigated almost completely, and, because of this, it has exercised an action policy of low profile.

Meanwhile, in the Congress of Deputies, the PP has presented a law proposal on the right to the presumption of innocence of the investigated judicial and political persecution via criminal: “There are those who are from certain political parties prepares, presents, encourages, or promotes criminal complaints for criminal proceedings against political opponents, calling into question not only the legality of specific administrative acts, but stating in a court document the criminality of certain acts,” reads the initiative.

But Salom understands that he is not devoted to that: “The party what that says is that there can be a political use of justice because the goal is not to denounce some acts allegedly irregular or criminal but dirty freely to someone, knowing that it’s not going anywhere”. According to the adviser of the PP, their allegations only seek to inform the court about facts objectively irregular “if they could be constitutive of crime.” “I don’t accuse, I’m not party and I am not appearing. I’m going to prison for some alleged facts in administrative proceedings have concluded and against which no appeal. It is my obligation,” he concludes.