politics of the times contingent, gas, and incidental damages were awarded to the 6-D, without intending it, the value of the robust policy and immanent. Recovering the Parliament in its best sense etymological. I restored to the Congress its power to the liturgical and institutional. And took the extraordinary session not so much a euphoric retrospective and nostalgic as the aim of illuminating the darkness and the rebellion of the contemporary, more or less as if Felipe VI outside the medium in a séance and summoned from the lectern of the pulpit to the spectra benefactors of democracy.


The King: “After 40 years, the democracy is strong and consolidated” Consulting the special of THE COUNTRY on the anniversary of the Constitution

it Was to invoke the spirit of the 78 as a remedy to the obstinacy that dominates 40 years later. Proliferated the clichés, the clichés, as a prayer to the mechanized framework of coexistence, the rules that we have given, height of a view— but the ceremony sobrentendía a reprimand to the frivolity of contemporary politics, bursting with as is of comfort and well-being, but stubborn in sabotearse itself with the separatism, balkanization, and the erection of blocks impenetrable, and the questioning of the monarchy.

Paul Churches claimed by the Republic using the logo of a barber. And emerged as the representative of a current guillotinesca that reaches 30% of the deputies present. Claim all of them the head of the house of Bourbon, so it had to intimidate the offensive ceremonial of the commemoration. Because it appeared the Monarchy with two kings, two queens, and a delfina of 13 years. Princess Leonor represented the future, innocent of the strain in respect to the aches and pains of the grandfather, whose stick dowser opened up the way between the patriarchs of the survivors of the Constitution, and among the former heads of Government who came to keeping it. Including Mariano Rajoy, the protagonist of the corridors evanescent on account of a comeback that incorporated the traditional simplification of the marianismo: “I See it all very complicated.”

The generality both could allude to the instability as parliamentary to the emergence of Vox, the blackmail of independence as the balancing of Pedro Sánchez in the temple, mercurial de La Moncloa, reasons all of them sufficient to smacking or bask in the miracle of conciliation and reconciliation that was 78. All the forces that conspired to derail the Transition —ETA, the justicierismo posfranquista, the sabres, the extreme left, the resistance of bishops, the extreme right— capitulated to the inertia of constitutional consensus. Prevailed over the general interest to the maximalism. And they were able to be neutralised so much the hangover as the revenge.

Can be understood as the effort pedagogic hosted the celebration of the 40th anniversary. Casinomaxi González and Aznar murmured as altar servers. Don Juan Carlos and doña Sofía mingled as if they were a marriage well-matched. Until Zapatero and Rajoy agreed to hugging in the hall of the lost steps, as if they were requiring a memorial pictorial of Rafael Canogar.

it Is the reason that you have seemed to misplaced the parliamentary hooligans and the leaders of the chicken coop. Gabriel Ruffian, for instance, had to let off steam in the surrounding areas of the chamber. Abandoned the fathers and mothers of the Constitution. And of the heirs that have become “guards” of the freedom of catalonia. A show so retuiteado as ephemeral with respect to the timelessness of the “sacred text”, wrapped, as-is, in a covered of velvet and exposed by an usher with their gloves of white silk and a practice of the goldsmith or collector of butterflies. You can change the Constitution. Does not emanate from a burning bush. And not he pierces the granite of the foundation stones, but Miquel Roca, the evangelist of the issue, warned of the dangers that entail to rewrite it. “Before a change in the Constitution is there to know why, for what, how and when. The reforms give a sense. The Constitution can be improved, but, care, you also may get even worse”, granted to the patriarch.

Pablo Iglesias was born the same year of the Constitution. A paradox or a warning that what has led to the purpose of maldecirla as an extension blasphemous of the franco regime. The spirit of the 78 or 77 would not be anything else other than a covenant claim between the old regime and the condescension of the generations posfranquistas. A context perverted they would have consented to the King to become head of State for the anointing of the leader. And with the aim of preserving the lineage is biological, without consideration for the obligations of the democratic from the polls.

it Is a theory quite popular —exhume Franco, to bury the Bourbon— and no less biased whose frivolity blurs the Transition milestones, personalizes the pain of the years of lead and locates the birth of the Story where a generation begins to live it. “I had not been born” acts as a schema whimsical rebuttal and argument of discord. 40 years ago, the goal was to illuminate the Constitution against all obstacles. 40 years after the objective is in sabotearla against all of its virtues, by questioning its integrating principle and the protection of the territorial unity of Spain. Felipe VI took to assert it in the 6-D conjuring even the torpor that had moved the speech prior and institutional Ana Pastor, it is not clear whether Congress president or therapist of insomnia. And the King made an exercise of memory, exploration of the metaphysical and up to provocation superstitious, as if it were in front of a ouija to move to the unbelievers.

hard to imagine that Sanchez, Married, Rivera, Churches, Tarda and Aitor Esteban were able to find not just the agreement of the reform of the Constitution, but the agreement for the time and the place where they could meet.