Jeff Bezos is history’s richest person, good for about 130 billion dollars. He owns and controls one of AMERICA’s largest and most controversial companies, Amazon.

the Amazon was founded as a digital bookstore but is now a giant department store where americans shop everything from appliances to own. On the company’s stock is rock-hard conditions for the workers. Amazon doesn’t use its market dominance to stifle digital contenders. Bezos also owns the Washington Post, the u.s. capital’s prestigious newspaper.

That Bezos now has joined in the war against the National Enquirer shakes the united states.

David Pecker, is one of Donald Trump’s long-standing partners. Not only took the National Enquirer of the position of Trump during the last election campaign. Pecker has long indulged in an activity known as ”catch and kill, catch and kill. It means that the editors pay for the juicy otrohetshistorier and then, when it scored the exclusive rights to these, buries stories that they won’t come out and damage the party as the newspaper wants to protect, in this case, the friend Trump.

In the wake of the Robert Mueller investigation has such a ”catch and kill”history caused tidningsägaren problems. The Trump organization paid the newspaper for the it would silence Playboymodellen Karen McDougal, who claims she had a long-standing child with Trump. The transaction was likely a violation of u.s. kampanjlagar. In order to avoid prosecution, David Pecker entered into a cooperation agreement with prosecutors in New York and acknowledging that the paid 150.000 dollars, about 1.5 million, in order to protect the Trump in the election 2016.

the Agreement makes David Pecker vulnerable – for his companies in violation of the law during the three year break, the cooperation agreement and medieägaren risk trial. This precarious position now use Bezos. Perhaps partly in order to take command of an embarrassing privatsituation; the newspaper is sitting, claiming it, in a series of selfies in which Bezos poses with the wedding ring and the hint of an erection, which he seems to have sent to his mistress, now partner, tv personality Lauren Sanchez.

Bezos the National Enquirers gangstermetoder. The editorial staff offers to help but publish the pictures if Bezos goes out and says that the editors are not driven by political motives. Bezos was not ready to be included in such agreements, but are instead told about the pictures that the magazine is sitting on and utpressningsförsöket.

A loud game, even from the Bezos side. Despite the fact that the head of the company owns one of the country’s largest newspapers, he almost never up on the interviews. The annual general meeting is enclosed stories here present, reporters are prohibited from photographing or recording sound. That such a discrete policymakers have been so careless that he sent photos of his own sex to a mistress raises undeniable questions about Bezos own judgment. And changes drastically the picture of him in the american public sphere.

in a sensitive location. Amazon Web Services is part of a contract with the CIA to develop a computer system for the intelligence community for ten billion dollars. Last year, the Bezos company Blue Origin $ 500 million from the u.s. aviation agency to develop a rocket.

at the same time, the National Enquirer a lot to lose. The company is obliged to disclose all documents that could be of interest to prosecutors. Bezos suggests in a blog post that there would be a political plot between the saudi royal family, the Trump and the National Enquirer, which last year produced a glassig annex with the saudi kronprisen on the cover. Should it prove true it is a novelty, with greater repercussions than Jeff Bezos erections.