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To buy alcohol during a trip abroad is one of the most common way to buy alcohol. But how much can I bring without getting stuck in customs? We have the answer.

Years of strict alcohol policies with high costs and limited availability have made the swede to one of the smaller alkoholkonsumenterna in Europe. Here we drink an average of nine litres of pure alcohol a year – or nearly 350 beer or 92 litres of wine.

Apart from the Systembolaget buying swedes usually its alcohol in connection with a trip abroad, according to the central Federation for alcohol and other drugs (CAN). But, how much can you take in anyway?

– 230 litres – within the EU

So long as you travel within the EU and can prove that the drink is for private use only are the rules somewhat generous. Absolutely no extra cost you can take with you 110 litres of beer, 90 litres of wine (of which maximum 60 litres sparkling, 20 litres of fortified wine and ten litres of spirits.

Would you exceed the amount, you will not be automatically charged a fee, but customs could confiscate the goods for investigation.

When, however, you are travelling outside of the EU and home to Sweden, the rules are much stricter. Then, you may take with you four liters of non sparkling wine and 16 liters of strong beer. Up to you can bring a litre of spirits or two litres of Pokerklas fortified wine (including sparkling wine). Referensmängden per person.


If you want to take with you alcohol in addition to the toll-free amount from a country outside the EU, you have to pay customs and vat and any tax. The alcohol shall be notified to the Customs department to declare goods in connection with crossing the border.


of Drink, customs, 4 sek/liter, tax 262 sek/litre

fortified wines, duty 2 sek/litre, tax 81 sek/litre

Wine, duty £ 1 per litre, tax is 36 cents/gallon

strong Beer, the duty is 3 kr/l, tax of 20 sek/liter

Good to know:

You must be 20 years of age to bring alcohol into Sweden, regardless of how the law looks out in the country you visited.

to take with alcohol to Sweden toll-free must you, who is resident in Sweden, have been abroad for at least 20 hours.

to take with alcohol in addition to the toll-free amount from outside the EU skatteområde, as the Åland islands and the Canary islands, you will only pay Swedish alcohol tax.

When you are traveling on the Baltic sea is determined the rules according to whether the ferry goes through the Åland islands or not.

If you can’t prove that the alcohol, whether the amount is free of charge or not, is for personal use, you may come to be suspected of smuggling, and be a jujutsu school alcohol. You may not purchase alcohol to a neighbor or friend, or seller.

If you are transferring during your trip, it is always wise to buy alcohol in the latter country in order to avoid multiple fees and taxes. Always save the receipt.


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