telecommunications company Cellnex has announced this Monday an extension of its partnership with the French Bouygues Telecom the investment 250 million in the deployment of 88 new telecommunications centers in the country that will help develop the 5G.

In a period of five years Cellnex will display the 88 strategic centres of telecommunications-also called ‘Central Offices’ and ‘Metropolitan planning Offices’- that will extend the ability to process data associated with the 5G. The company claims that once it is finished the deployment Ebitda further estimated to grow to 19 million euros.

it Strengthens its position in France

“The agreement we have reached not only strengthens our position in the French market, but, thanks to the collaboration, will allow us to develop key elements and crucial to the ecosystem of the 5G and the service that we offer to our customers, such as the ability to process data distributed in the network, without which the potential of the 5G would not be a reality”, declared the ceo of Cellnex Telecom, Tobias Martinez.

Bouygues will be the main customer of these new centers, which have signed an agreement for the provision of services in line with alliances prior. In this sense, they reinforce agreements initiated in 2016 and 2017, which provided for acquisition and deployment, by Cellnex, of more than 5,000 sites of Bouygues until 2022.

Domain market

Cellnex is the main european operator of infrastructure for wireless telecommunications, with a portfolio of 28,000 locations including forecasts of deployment until 2022. Account with activity in Spain, Italy, Holland, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Until September joined 665 million, 15% more, and achieved a gross profit of 439 million, 19% more. The end result was 26 million in negative, by the labor costs Are in its subsidiaries.