– I love Denmark.

– the Country is so rich, that I went to school as a matter of course. I’m thirsty, I drink. I am sick, I go to the doctor.

– I have never experienced a war.

– I know that all over the world are people alike, inside.

– We have the same dreams; we will work, love, and joy. I am so lucky and grateful to be born: right here.

so begins Marie V a letter to Ekstra Bladet, on the background of the borgerforslag on kvoteflygtninge, she got approved d. 13. June, which to date has gained almost 500 supporters. If 49.500 more and more people support the proposal in d. 10 december, so must the Parliament to discuss her proposal, which is about to give the 2000 UN-selected refugees, peace and quiet and a future in Denmark. Her letter – which she would very much like to ask you to share – continues namely as Gorabet follows:

Once I was also proud of Denmark. Proud of the reputation we had in the world: we were there. We shared, we helped and we thought on the other.

In 2017, the Danish Parliament adopted as a ‘stop’, ‘kvoteflygtninge’.

– Selected by the UN and the Danish authorities, we knew that a kvoteflygtning, without a doubt, had fled from certain death.

– It was the most vulnerable; children, the sick, the old. Without hope of water, school, doctors or dreams.

– Then was ashamed of myself. Since I cried.

– But. I love Denmark! I am proud of democracy, proud of the charitable and enlightened values we carry with us. Proud of, that I without being persecuted, may be in opposition.

– And make a borgerforslag. Denmark says YES to kvoteflygtninge.’

And this is my dream: that all people get the right we take for granted: the right to life, concludes Marie.

You can support borgerforslaget here – remember to have your NemID ready.