in The event of a dispute, Clause 219a triggers strong emotions. The advertising prohibition for abortions. It comes to the coalition that noise? For the CDU, wants to adhere to the advertising ban, discusses their new party Chairman, the Catholic Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. For the SPD, which wants to abolish the prohibition, or at least weaken, speaks with its leader, a Catholic, Andrea Nahles. But Nahles represents the mood in your party in the matter?

eight years Ago, the SPD’s Director, published her biography, it bears the title “woman, a believer, to the left”. What knew up to then only a few Enjoyed: Nahles was once the measuring servant and active in an Ecumenical youth group. “Early imprints, they have determined my value in code,” she says. The Faith have shaped them as a person, long before they occurred in the SPD. Until today, she visited, whenever possible, in the place in the Eifel, where you grew up, the Sunday of the fair. She is also a member of the Central Committee of German Catholics.

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in order to be “a Christian can never remain without consequences, not private and not political,” said Nahles in an Interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. “I would never have landed in the SPD, if I had not know before a Christian character.” In this party, you’ve found yourself “in the following of Jesus Christ”. In an Interview with the Catholic news Agency (KNA) said: “basically, the one on the left was the social democratic commitment to my involvement in the Catholic Church.”

Nahles defended the paragraphs 218

In the ethical question, in particular, the protection of life, was Nahles, the Belief is always an important compass, often against their own party. You voted for stricter templates when the protection of Embryos, and supported, together with several other social Democrats, on the subject of late-term abortions on the request of the Union and the FDP, in addition to the psychosocial counselling of Pregnant women for a period of three days, must be between the diagnosis of a disability and a late-term abortion. The new regulation of euthanasia, in turn, Nahles voted for a bill that provides the business-like promotion of suicide is punishable. In the case of the “marriage for all” Nahles however, the vote of your party for a legalization.

on The topic of abortion as it says in the catechism of the Catholic Church: “human life is to be respected from the moment of conception absolutely and protect it.” Therefore, abortion is “a serious Offense against the moral law,” any participation will be punished with the penalty of excommunication.

For Nahles is abortion is not a sin, it had, however, preceded by a thorough examination of conscience. It defends the paragraph 218, which is intended to represent a balance between the right of the Unborn to life and the right to self-determination of the woman. Therefore, abortions are not done for medical reasons or after a rape are illegal, but criminal free, if you happen after a consultation, and within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

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“With the current Form of the paragraph 218, we have passed a responsible way,” said Nahles. “This compromise is not an option for me.” What prohibition of advertising of it, specifically for the sections 219a, follows, leaves the SPD-Boss so far. It was “sure to be a difficult subject,” she says.