the Other day, it appeared that blogunuiverset tumblr going forward will censor all porn, and now comes the facebook with newer and stricter guidelines around sexuality

It created an outcry among seksualitetsdebattører in the UNITED states, since it is very used blogunivers Tumblr the other day came out that the pornographic material use removed.

Tumblr took the next step in the aftermath of the that they were been removed from Apple’s App Store, as well as a case where there was found child porn on tumblr, which has approximately 440 million accounts.

Critics of the new rules on Tumblr believe that the porn people and the LBGT environment, in particular, will suffer, because they have used the platform to share knowledge in the broad sense, and at the same time facebook introduced new and tougher guidelines.

You do not turn the following:

Content that attempts to coordinate or recruit for sexual acts of adults, including, but not limited to:

videos of the sexual aktivitetPornografisk activity, stripklubshows, sexual liveforestillinger and erotic dansSeksuel massage, erotic massage or tantra massage

Content that deals with explicit sexual invitations by bl.a. offer or request:

Sex or sexpartnereSexchat or samtalerNøgenbilleder

Content that deals with implied sexual invitations, which can be identified by the name of a sexual act, and other items of a sexual nature occurs, such as:

Vague statements with sexual undertones such as “are you looking for a little fun in the evening”Seksualiseret slangBrug of sexual hints such as the name of the sexual roles, sexstillinger, fetichscenarier, sexual preference/sexpartnerpræference, sexual arousal, sexual intercourse or sexual activity (sexual penetration or masturbation), typical sexual areas of the body such as the breasts, the crotch or the buttocks and kønsdeles or balder hygiejneIndhold (hand drawn, digital, or real art), which depicts explicit sexual acts, or persons in positions with sexual overtones.

The queer pornographic star Jiz Lee connects tumblr’s case, Facebook’s new guidelines and a FOSTA-legislation that prohibits sex workers to advertise online, on for example Craigslist (a sort of Blue paper) and draw lines to the dystopian woman – and seksualitetsfjendske universe in the book series ‘A Handmaid’s tale:’

Anders Kjærulff, who is host at Radio 24Syv ‘Intercepted,’ is outraged over Facebook’s guidelines, but not surprised:

– It is the game of hypocrisy, to a social medium like Facebook, which actually asks the user to sexuality, in the way that restricts all sexual speech and expression. But it is unfortunately a trend that we see on all the social media, says Kjærulff.

– They are afraid to be caught with our pants down and be revealed in one way or another rogue. Fx started the Tumblr case with the found of some børnepornosider. And Facebook has major image problems for cases on how they’ve sold user data, so they fear the consequences if it suddenly comes forward, that people use facebook to exchange sexual services or, worse, believe Kjærulff.

He points out that many sex workers – prostitutes, campiger and models as well as pornosites – use the social media like billboards, and it has now been extra difficult for them to raise the traffic. Twitter is soon the only place that does not block the kind of content.

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The Danish seksualitetsdebattør from Seksualpolitisk forum, Steen Schapiro believes that it is a really strange time we live in:

– First we discover all the good options that we all can latch on to ‘social media’, low profiles, and share our lives, recommend culture and find events, and then becomes freedom curtailed year after year. Both about what one should talk about and what you have to say, but the really big sins, it is absolutely awful, apparently: Sex, flirting and nudity.

– Some of the sweetest and most natural in life, being something we should hide, from the nipples and nudity to eroticism or flirt. It should be sacrilege to censor Tulipbet and udskamme the body and the desire – but it is done in freedom’s name, says Schapiro.

He believes that the bad is not just that we suddenly can’t share anything about desire, body and sex without risking to be banned from the community, but:

– It is also that Facebook in this way teaches us that sex and the body is shameful and something we must censor!

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Steen Schapiro points out, is that it goes beyond all those who would like to share something about the erotic culture – and those who want to date and in contact with each other:

– you Can now f.ex. make people aware of a new book on the pornoens release? Or an erotic movie viewing, or a debate about something erotic, you’ve seen, or other art?

These new limits sexual expression and utterances on social media, is done according to Schapiro, because the tech giants are becoming more and more concerned about being prosecuted in the UNITED states to call for sex, and especially commercial sex.

– Which is to say porn, strip, sexsalg and other sex work. In the UNITED states, ravaging a huge and completely exaggerated hysteria of ‘trafficking’ and exploitation of minors, although there are relatively few signs of this. In reality, the moral panic may be just as much about shutting down for sexarbejdernes opportunities to advertise – so are several large websites have been closed down by the authorities in the course of the last year.

– This makes sex work even more stigmatized and dangerous – for now they can no longer advertise legally and screen their customers, ” says Schapiro.

He points out that the new boundaries, as no one knows how it will be enforced, also justified by the fact that no one may be ‘encountered:’

– Users must not run the risk of meeting a sexual language or a flirt or anything erotica, so it can be over their limits. One thing is that it is not cool to share the hard porn in the middle of a fælleskabsflade, fine enough. But when you delete must not recommend, flirt, tell or share anything about sex so as not to offend some person somewhere in the world – it is the modern nypuritanske krænkelseskultur, who has gone completely crazy.

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Trine Tao teaches, and provides, among other things, tantra massage, as Facebook’s new guidelines also directed against:

– What do you think of the new measures – which surely both problems in relation to write about your courses and massages, but also for all users of tantra – groups, where sexuality is in focus?
– If these guidelines are enforced, are my and many of my colleagues ‘ days enough spoke. You should not make themselves so dependent on facebook. I would like to go a step further and teach sex. The need is there.

– We are lacking in the level forums, where you can advertise for sex on the non-sleazy way. Otherwise we are tantrabehandlere the referred to the forums as annoncelight, which primarily put up for buying sex. Or the last pages in Ekstra Bladet.

– It is probably also problematic, in that edition, which is all about sex – even when it is not for sale, but with the sharing of information – seems to be deleted going forward? the
– A major problem seen from where I stand. And it’s not even because I want to advertise without paying, I have tried to put the paid ads up. But as soon as words like tantra or sexuality appear, they are rejected by facebook.