The Guardia Civil has arrested five men, including a minor, shot to death, last October, of a man who went to rob a marijuana plantation in Paterna del Río (Almería), after which, supposedly, they got rid of the corpse and dismantled the culture. The captain José María Zalvide, head of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Command of Almería, has been reported that the entire operation was triggered last October 13 when a victim’s brother reported his disappearance, stating that since last night not picked up the phone.

The agents classified as immediate disappearance as high risk and found out that the victim had been involved in a brawl in the interior of a housing of Paterna del Rio, a former workshop of bread, which in those times was rented. The agents entered the home and found the impact of a gun and traces of blood, so that began a series of raids to give the man, without yet knowing if he was just injured or had died.

Thanks to the intervention of personnel on foot, vehicle and aerial means, they were able to locate the lifeless body of the man just 48 hours later in a slope of the road-5402 of Paterna del Rio. The corpse was transferred to the Institute Gencobahis of Legal Medicine of Almeria and the autopsy determined that he died after being brought down by a shot with a long gun in the living room of the house.

After the man’s death, property was removed the pot and disassembled the plantation while the alleged perpetrators of the facts left electrical transformers, electrical fans and the trailer illegal with that supplied electricity to the crop. In addition, the researchers found that the crime scene had been cleaned with bleach and ammonia, and determined that the corpse had been transported in a vehicle to the place in which it was deposited, fleeing subsequently to The Ejido (Almeria) those responsible for the killing.

The first arrests took place in the days following the death, while two of the now arrested had absconded and had to be taken in a phased manner after hide in relatives ‘ houses in the West of almería. The detainees are being investigated for the crime of intentional homicide, illegal possession of firearms, cultivation and production of drugs, against public health, fraud of electrical fluid and cover-up.