– It is proposed that the special pensionsvilkår for members of the parliament are abolished so pensionsvilkår follow the teachers ‘ agreement.

– Ministerpension be abolished, and instead pay the employer and employee to the pension scheme after the applicable collective agreement.

– Pension to ministerbørn hereby superseded also.

this is the sound of the first lines of a very popular borgerforslag, who since Friday has gained support from more than 10,000 voting danes. The proposal is made by Freddy, who thought that, in these overenskomstforhandlingstider, where politicians press the government employees, was in his place, pressing a little again. the
the Proposal – which you can support by clicking here – continues thus:

– Mps and ministers follows the general folkepensionsalder and can not be paid pensions accumulated during the execution of a civil ombud earlier than this age.

– this is a respect and trust from the population to the country’s politicians.

Mps earn the right to a pension after one year. The pension rises every year thereafter, until you hit the pensionsloftet after 20 years as a member of parliament.

Persons who have been a member of Parliament before 1. July 2007, can get paid folketingspension earned before 1. Jokerbet July 2012, at the age of 60 years.

Folketingspension earned after 1. July 2012 can be paid when the member attains the age which applies to be able to go on early retirement.

With the highest pension levels will have earned an annual pension of about 395.000 dollars, which is paid when one is under age pension age. Over age pension age sounds about 351.000 kr.

With the new rules, the pension, mps earn from 1. June, be paid from the retirement age.

However, has folketingspolitikerne the opportunity to go on ’early retirement’ for up to five years before the retirement age towards a reduction in the pension.

there Has been a minister for more than a year, you are ensured to ministerpensionen. Then increase the pension for each year of ministerposten.

The pension, the current ministers have already earned, they can get paid from the early retirement age. Pension earned after 1. June 2017 may be paid from the retirement age.

After eight years as a minister, you are assured of the highest ministerpension of about 326.000 euros per year under age pension age and about 283.000 kroner a year, after retirement age is reached.

the Ministers also have the opportunity to go on ’early retirement’ for up to five years before the retirement age towards a reduction in the pension.