Strong Danish women can and will even. They don’t even need a partner, if the goal is to get a off.

It explains the erotikblogger JoanB, who for a while allied himself with a man, Spray-Bjarne. He tells how women can bring themselves off with their fingers. And JoanB regard to a number of sexlegetøjsprodukter, that can also do solo trick.

– Although the off as a rule linked with that of the man using the fingers of her female partner, so can we women so fine, clear the work itself. And why not try with a squirt-orgasm or two on your own here on international women’s day?

– Furthermore, there is only more women than ever in Denmark, who are living as singles, but this need in no way deter one from growing orgasm-form, ” says eroticism and sexlegetøjsblogger JoanB, who on his blog talks about different types of sexlegetøjsprodukter that is specifically designed to make G-point – and sprøjtetricket.

‘With regard to stimulating and possibly achieve the G-punktstorgasme, so it seems, for most women almost only do when a partner with his fingers stands for stimulation. But not everyone has a partner or perhaps the abilities of the partner not just finger trick. Why there only is extra good to have a suitable product at hand, where you 100% can control the course of events,’ says JoanB on her blog, where she is going with good advice and tips on how you as a couple and solokvinde best possible goals with the help of legetøjsprodukter.

Joan with his best sprøjteven.

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Bjarne Jensen, aka Spray-Bjarne, who for years has worked with and trained countless men, couples and women in the art to induce squirt-orgasm with your fingers, telling that the women can learn to Celtabet give themselves squirt-orgasm. By means of the fingers.

But here we need to drop the otherwise preferred spray-in position, where you lie on your back with slightly bent legs.

– one Is lying on your back, it’s more or less physically impossible to stimulate themselves with a finger or two on the G-spot. So, one should in any case have extremely long arms or extra long fingers. And the ability to finally reach up to the G-spot in just the position, so is it totally impossible to relax properly.

Bjarne specialises in sprøjteorgasmer.

– Sits you on his knees and leans slightly forward, so you can much better both the reach and stimulate her G-spot inside the vagina and can also relax with stimulation, explains the Spray-Bjarne.

He both teacher groups and women’s solo in the best possible way to achieve off.

– All women can learn and syringe, but not everyone can right now and here achieve orgasm. So because you spray, is it not, therefore, mean that you also got a G-point orgasm. And actually the G-point orgasm may also submit, without syringes, continues Bjarne, who recommend that you use two fingers, when you stimulate themselves.

A finger is rarely enough, as you along the way in the process usually must put to good use with forces in order to achieve the desired effect.

the Orgasm can not be compared with other well-known orgasmefølelser, explains Bjarne on his blog

‘Those who have experienced a G-spot orgasm, put it with the feeling of being pulled slowly up in rutchebanen for then to run down in a long lasting intoxication and the rush of a hitherto unknown happiness. Ejaculation is exclusively a side-effect of the motor movements from the giver, as well as the pressure of the woman herself, consciously or unconsciously, helps to. It can, without offending any, comparable a bit to milking an udder.

– One can imagine that the forces of the woman, are compared with the fingers, taking hold of the udder and presses down, so that the liquid is pressed out, tells Spray-Ed on his blog Where you have the opportunity to obtain much more finger-technique and info on the right way to achieve the spraying orgasm.

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