Initially they had met almost secretly, told Gesine Grande, the rector of Leipzig University for technology, economy and culture (HTWK). You and some other scientists, company representatives and Saxon officials had been sitting in her office and discussed. But really believed that the negotiations end successfully, then probably none.

unlikely what Grande Gesine seemed now, after years of poker, but can announce: The Telekom will be the HTWK Leipzig money, very much money. To be exact, so much money that a whole faculty of “Digital Transformation” can occur, with 17 professors and 15 Points for employees.

This is, at least at first glance, a Sensation. Such a high sum had not received any University of applied Sciences in Germany, depending on a company, it is called from the HTWK. As something “that is Unique in Germany” Saxony’s Minister of science Eva-Maria Stange (SPD) the Deal. Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU), says of the project. And as on the previous Friday, the contract was signed, exultant, also Minister of Economics Martin Dulig (SPD), in a press release. That a wealthy benefactor financed a whole faculty, is happening in Germany is rare.

An important Detail but has kept the government in this press release.

This article dates back to the TIME no 51/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

Telekom is not based in fact only a Foundation faculty of the University of Leipzig. It concludes at almost the same time another Institution. The University of telecommunications in Leipzig (HfTL) – in the city, only Telekom University of applied Sciences is operated for 23 years by the company. She is already taking on no new students. You could also say: The Telekom includes a private, expensive University-funded in return for a not-so-expensive to have a faculty of existing.

1600 people were at the Telekom University once enrolled. At the new Foundation of the faculty, it will be only 500. 29 professors were teaching in the meantime at the Telekom University of applied Sciences. 17 should it be at the HTWK.

For whom is this Deal is really good?

HTWK-rector Gesine Grande is prepared for such questions, and so she replies: “There is hardly another company in Germany, which is involved in this Dimension at all at a state University.” So you are right. Only two similar offerings in the recent time. Hasso Plattner, founder of SAP, this is unlikely to be Potsdam, IT-Institute, some time ago at the local University. And the Foundation of the Lidl-founder Dieter Schwarz financed 20 professorships at the Technical University of Munich.

in addition, says Gesine Grande, is active on the telecoms in the long term. Although the contract is only for 13 years, but the company is committed to pay all of the 17 professors.

nevertheless, some of the opposition to watch politicians skeptical of the Deal with Telekom, has to do with something else: with the past of the group. More specifically, with the way he led his Leipzig University yet – or destroyed.

this University even exists, is not a desire of the Telekom. It is a heritage of the German unit. Originally, the “school for posts and telecommunications” in 1953, was founded in the GDR. After 1990, it passed into the possession of the Federal post office and, finally, the Telekom. In the years since, she has acquired a good reputation and trained IT professionals. Other companies rushed to the graduates of the IT-chief of the Saxon police, studied at the Telekom University of applied Sciences.