Hurtigruten+ FÖLJHurtigruten miljösatsar – will be run on the death fiskFiskrens in the tank – the future of environmentally friendly fuels?Photo: ULF HANSSON/HurtigrutenHurtigruten bet 7 billion Norwegian on environmentally friendly fuels. Among other things, vessels shall be operated on the dead fish.TRIP

the Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten is now focusing on greener fuels for its ships, writes Dagens Industri.
A part of captain jc leach (commanding shall be converted to hybrids, which among other things operated on the dead fish.

every man’s death is the other’s bread. The saying may here further a ghoulish dimension.

at the same time as the fish Setrabet die in the thousands because of the oil spill are now Hurtigruten on to push forward their popular cruise ships – with the help of just dead fish. It reports Dagens Industri.

2021 plan the Norwegian shipping company to build on six of its existing ships to hybridkryssningar that run on both electricity and biogas. Biogas, which among other things consists of the residues from fish farming.

– Biogas is the most environmentally friendly fuel available today. While most of our competitors continue to sail on the polluting oil, our ship literally powered by nature, ” says Rune Thomas Ege, communications manager at Hurtigruten, to the DI.