I have followed the debate on circumcision, since I had my son almost 5 years ago.

– And when I heard about the bill in Iceland, I would show the icelandic parliament, the Althing, that it has great support from the us health professionals.

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– therefore I got hold of a colleague in Iceland, Katrín Sif Sigurgeirsdóttir, which also seems that it is an important case and we went to collect signatures on Thursday evening in last week, among our icelandic sygeplejerskekolleger.

so begins Iris Björg Thorvaldsdottir, sickness and health, in a letter to the editor to the nation! of circumcision and the fight to get the genital mutilation of children is banned. the
Iris – there was a nurse in 2008 and has just completed her health visitor training with the task of non-therapeutic circumcision of male children – live in Denmark and therefore follows much in the borgerforslag, which provides for a prohibition to circumcise children under the age of 18. And she would like to tell you that she and her friend have gotten almost every third nurse in the Island to sign on to it must be prohibited. Her letter – which you can share on Facebook – continues thus:

– the Response was incredible!

– In a little over three days we had over 1100 signatures and due to a big demand we had to open up the list again.

Many wrote to us privately to ask if they are not still able to get on the list.

– Here today, Tuesday, is ticking still there signatures and we are now at 1316!

– It is really good taken into account that there is approx. 4000 icelandic nurses and midwives.

the Doctors had also had time in a underskriftsamling, so there is a broad support of an age limit of the health professionals in Iceland.

– Although most icelanders have never seen a drengeomskæring, so can all of course very well take the position that it is a serious breach of the rights of the child.

– You don’t have to Supertotobet have seen a girl get laced his feet into to know that it is ethically unacceptable. Many were actually surprised to drengeomskæring is not already public.

– Katrín Sif Sigurgeirsdóttir is a nurse, and jordemøder in Iceland and has eight children, of which four of them are boys. She gets regular questions from families who want circumcision in Iceland.

– After the attention that we were created with underskriftlisten and an article which I wrote in the newspaper about boys ‘ rights, we were contacted by a father to a son born in 2011, when the mother has wanted to circumcise him in his own home since he was an infant.

the Mother, which originated from the Filipenerne, nothing seems more obvious than that the boy must be circumcised and think it looks much nicer.

– the Danger, which is icelandic is, however, very much against it and have tried to get answers from various authorities in the Island, what will happen if the mother suddenly undergo this circumcision in the home.

– There has not been much on the response and he has experienced that many have not taken him seriously.

– That is until now, where the people have become aware that it is also available on the Island. – Another man has stood forward with his story of his circumcision as a 2-year-old.

– He has told, how it has followed him his entire life and he still remembers the pain he experienced the days following the circumcision.

– He hopes that the bill goes through, and will continue to fight and raise awareness on the case if it does not.

– He had not before this week, told her story, but now he says that he wants everyone to know it, so this can be stopped.

– So one can safely say that there has been good debate on the Island and it seems that there is a strong sentiment that there should be an age limit.

– People feel it should be the boys choice whether they want to be circumcised, as it is ultimately them that has to grow up without a foreskin and live with the consequences.

– There has been some promotion in the media and expressed their opposition of the bill. – In the comments field you see on the contrary a great support for the boys ‘rights, for icelanders, it’s not about religion, but the human right and equal protection of all children, writes the iris, there is hope that the ban will be adopted in Iceland – and in that many danes will support the fight for boys’ rights here in Denmark by support borgerforslaget on the introduction of an 18-year minimum age for the circumcision of healthy children.

the nation – 2. jun. 2016 – pm. 10:38 Danish doctors affirms: One should not circumcise the boys – adults only